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What Makes Korean Dramas So Popular?

Right now, the Korean entertainment sector is thriving. Korean music and television have a global appeal that is expanding beyond Asia and even into Europe and North America. The term “Hallyu” has been used to describe the current boom in Korean cultural popularity. It is known as Korean wave and it refers to the way […]

K-Pop Merch – 3 Items You Should Buy!

While you order Kpop merch, there are some products that aren’t worth the money. Have you ever seen a tweet or a post promoting new Kpop merchandise and thought to yourself, “Are you kidding me?” “Would you like me to spend money on it?” If you are a Kpop fan, you can’t think how many times you have […]

Why K-Pop Is Popular?

Every day, as the Internet increases connectivity around the world, it appears that the world has a limitless supply of new art, movies, and other media. K Pop, otherwise Korean pop music, is one of the most electrifying aspects of this fascinating culture. Due to the popularity of K-pop, Kpop merchandise is in a bloom. Here, we […]

All You Need To Know About K- Pop

You may not be aware of the word ‘K-pop’ (‘Korean Pop’) yet, but you will be soon. South Korean ‘idol groups’ has tens of millions of loyal fans all over the world, and stadiums are sold out in the blink of an eye as soon as a concert is announced. This industry is worth billions […]

Things You Don’t Know About TOMORROW X TOGETHER

TXT – TOMORROW X TOGETHER! The meaning behind “Tomorrow by Together” is five individuals who “come together under one dream in hopes of building a better tomorrow. Big Hit Music forms this five-member South Korean boy band in the year 2019. The five members of TXT are, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai. Did you […]

What are the Popular EXO Merchandise Items?

EXO – this nine-member K-pop group has grown up right before fans’ eyes. And the demand for EXO merchandise is raiding up. Undoubtedly, EXO is one of the most popular, best-selling, musically diverse, innovative, and hardworking idol groups of K-Pop. Since announced in the year 2011 by SM Entertainment, EXO has been kept well entertained with all […]

Things about K-Pop Group SEVENTEEN Members

“Say the name SEVENTEEN”- SEVENTEEN! Since 2015, SEVENTEEN or SVT is a famous South Korean boy band formed by Pledis Entertainment with 13 talented boys. They are S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino. They all come together to form one group from 3 different units (hip-hop, vocal, […]

NCT – The Sub Units and Top Five NCT Boys

NCT is one of the popular kpop boys’ band groups that have been creating new style in k –pop world. This group was announced on January 27 by SM Entertainment’s founder, at SM’s Coex Artium during “SMTown: New Culture Technology 2016” press conference. NCT is proving that the future of K-Pop stardom is expanding way […]

Top Essential Kdrama Merchandise

Since you are here, probably, you may be a k-pop fan who is searching for your idol kdrama merch! To complete your collection, it is essential to know things and update yourself about the kdrama merch. Here in this article, we listed a few essential kinds of merch that every true k-pop fan should know about. […]

Kpop Lightsticks – How To Buy The Right One?

For Kpop aficionados, a Kpop lightstick is one of the TXT merch which is a must-have accessory. It’s a method for fans to come together and show their love for their favourite Kpop group. Big Bang was the first band to use a lightstick, and nowadays it’s difficult to find a band that doesn’t use one. This […]