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Senior Citizen Home Security Tips

Many aging adults prefer to live out their years in their own homes.  Those that love and care for them want very much to accommodate their wishes, but also worry for them.  There could be unsafe situations inside their residences and burglars could consider their homes simple challenges. If you’re helping to care for an […]

Installing or Replacing a Lock? Call a Professional Locksmith

Perhaps you want to replace your home’s deadbolt locks or add a keyless entry system to your office.   You may want to install or change one lock or just have some questions about your home or business security system.   Or, maybe you have security concerns about your garage or side door.  What do you do? […]

Why are My Automobile Keys Not Working?

It never fails.  You’re late for meeting.  Your kids are late for school.  Or, you’re late for school.  And, your automobile key isn’t unlocking the door or starting the car.  Or, your remote key (i.e. key fob) isn’t functioning?  Why? Instead of screaming or getting a stomach/headache, let’s try and figure it out.  Here are […]

Summer Security Tips

Summer is  here!  Isn’t the best?  Unfortunately, summer is also when burglars most often strike – July and August usually reflect the highest numbers.   This takes place in North Carolina as well as in the rest of the nation.  Why do burglaries spike during the summertime?  Reasons include: •    Open Doors and Windows:  people tend […]

Lost or Stolen Car Keys – What Do You Do?

More than 20 million Americans lose their car keys every year.   It is the third most lost item, after television remotes and cell phones.   Americans spend almost three days a year looking for their keys and more than $2 billion dollars replacing them. There wasn’t much information on how often thieves steal car keys, but […]

How to Choose the Best Locksmith

When you need your car fixed, your house painted, your electricity repaired, and/or your washing machine overhauled, you don’t mess around – you search for the best individual.  So, when you need a professional locksmith, why should the situation be any different? Locksmiths are trained, professional individuals who hold state licenses.  A locksmith performs many […]

What is a Transponder Key and How Does it Work?

Because car thieves specifically targeted Corvettes, General Motors introduced the transponder key for its 1985 Corvette.  As a result, thefts dramatically decreased.  In 1995, other car manufacturers began introducing the device.  Today, most all new cars utilize transponder keys. What is a Transponder Key? Transponder is a portmanteau word, which blends of two or more […]

Services Locksmiths Provide

Archeologists discovered locks dating back as far as 4,000 years ago.  So, locksmithing is one of the earliest occupations. Thousands of years later, people still want to secure their property – that never changed.  Technological advancements, however, drastically altered how people secure those valuables.  Locksmiths, today, thus, handle much more than just locks and keys.  […]