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What Issues Does Hacking Find? 

Everybody has a different sense of ethics. Hackers’ intentions and interpretations of what they are trying to activate depend only on ethics. There are several ways that we can interpret ethical hacking. It’s an admirable goal for some users. It gives us a tool to comprehend the thoughts and methods used by hackers. This information […]

What are RPA used for?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a technology that uses software robots to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes—enhancing the work of your employees by interacting with websites, business and desktop applications, databases and people to execute repetitive and often mundane work. When automation opportunities are everywhere, how do you prioritize them? Think high volume, high value and high stakes. High volume, […]

Want to know the Advantages & disadvantages of AI?

Advantages: One of artificial intelligence’s greatest successes is its ability to lower human error. In dangerous situations where humans can’t reach or where survival is tough, AI can be tremendously beneficial. like is venturing into the ocean’s deepest region. With AI, clients may receive service 24 hours a day, seven days a week through chatbots. […]

Ethical Hacker Roles and Responsibilities

In order to hack lawfully, ethical hackers must adhere to a set of rules. A good hacker is aware of his or her responsibilities and follows all ethical norms. The following are the most essential ethical hacking rules: The organisation that owns the system must give permission to an ethical hacker. Before executing any security […]

A good ethical hacker is a unique combination of a brilliant person with a love of technology and a passion for bypassing it while still possessing the honorable qualities of trust, honesty and devotion to ethical practices. These are people that care about a company’s security and will do their best to validate it and report […]

Why Not Just Use Automatic Hacking Tools?

More and more lately, companies are buzzing about using the latest automatic hacking tool instead of ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities in their networks and software. They question why they need ethical hackers when they can execute an automated tool to find vulnerabilities while investing so much less. Most organizations can’t digest the long reports […]

Business analytics examples

Business analytics have use cases in a wide array of industries and organizations. As technology becomes more advanced, more and more companies are developing new ways to utilize big data to their advantage to maximize their profits and improve the customer experience. For instance, let’s say you run a fast-food restaurant. You may use business […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial neural networks and deep learning artificial intelligence technologies are quickly evolving, primarily because AI processes large amounts of data much faster and makes predictions more accurately than humanly possible. While the huge volume of data being created on a daily basis would bury a human researcher, AI applications that use machine learning can take that data and […]

What is Machine Learning Course in simple form ?

Data, such as bank transactions, pictures of individuals or even bakery items, repair records, time series data from sensors, or sales reports, is the starting point for machine learning. The data is collected and prepared for use as training data, or information on which the machine learning model will be trained. The better the programme, […]

What Is Cyber Security?

Over the years the term cybersecurity has been thrown around to the point where it is almost synonymous with terms like IT security or information security. It’s kind of like saying every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. Every square IS a rectangle because a square is a quadrilateral with […]