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Producing the finest wool- How JST does it

When it comes to wool textiles, Jaya Shree Textiles or JST is one of the leading names in India and abroad. It is one of the foremost wool manufacturers in the country, using the right mixture of contemporary and advanced technologies along with unmatched expertise for enabling a transformation of wool fibers into premier wool […]

Learning about one of India’s leading textile manufacturers- JST

Jaya Shree Textiles was founded in the year 1949 and is known as one of the country’s foremost textile manufacturing brands. It is a novel textile company that offers both linen and wool production abilities with the former revolving around superlative linen yarn, apparel and fabric for 70+ years along with unmatched craftsmanship. Wool is […]

Crafting line shirt fabric for true connoisseurs

When it comes to linen shirt fabric and other varieties of cotton linen fabric, Jaya Shree Textiles is the numero uno entity. Linen is the most breathable fabric as per experts and offers unmatched comfort, class and style along with attractive design overall. The brand has its own in-house design team which stays in sync […]

Worsted yarn and wool production made simpler

Worsted yarn has its own classic vibe and timeless appeal and it is still preferred as a luxury choice throughout the whole world. Worsted wool is also produced by Jaya Shree Textiles (JST). There are numerous kinds of customized yarns produced by the brand where it also works with several value chain partners and customers […]

5 Tips To Choose The Best Wedding Caterer

Would you remember the couple’s name or the location of the wedding? Nah! Neither will we! But surely the one thing we will remember in common is the FOOD. Yes, the FOOD and the drinks that we will have at the wedding. From welcoming the guests to providing them with a tasty food treat and […]

Apply loose glitter eye makeup without creating a mess

Hello ladies! We are back again with some gorgeous tips on creating a no-mess glitter makeup look. Call it an elated look, but we are absolutely woo-ed by the glittery look. Be it a party, festive or a casual date, glitter makeup fits every occasion. This makeup enhances any eye shape, and while it may […]

How Is The Coronavirus Affecting Chemical Markets?

COVID-19 has impacted the chemicals industry same as other industries and all its sectors. In surprising ways, it is influencing trends. The first quarter of 2020 was a turning point for the chemicals industries, as per many chemical magazines. Consumers are placing a higher value on considering products for sustainability. These trends have had a huge […]

Differentiate between an Analog load cell and a Digital load cell

A load cell is a device that helps in converting one form of energy into the other. It is primarily used to generate an electrical signal. The magnitude of those electrical signals is directly related to the amount of force being measured. In simple words, load cells are the most accurate and simplest tools for measuring force. Many load cell […]

How does a tension load cell work?

Introduction: Within the weighing industry, a tension load cell is one of the major categories of load cells that are commonly found. Tension load cells are predominantly used for pulling force and measuring tension. Many of them can also measure compression. Because of having bi-directional sensitivity, it becomes a highly versatile load cell. Due to their […]

Create Any Look With A Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Palette

Finally, decoding an easy way to use glitter palette Eye makeup is tricky, but this roadmap will make you go from oohh to awe! And you will be a pro by the end. While any eyeshadow palette looks more like a kaleidoscope, there’s an order to get used to the small box for the wildest […]