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Name: Brie Larson
About Author: AOL desktop gold is a very easy to use browser software which comes with all in one desktop feature. In AOL desktop gold software you can enjoy mailing, browsing, so if you feel that you are stuck in the software you can visit here also: -

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Activate or Deactivate Ad-Free Mail for AOL Desktop Gold

aol desktop gold upgrade   While composing an important email to your manager, the last thing you need is to see some distracting ad about cheap flight tickets. In order to streamline your email tasks, AOL offers members the option of activating Ad-Free Mail to remove paid ads from your mail experience. After you aol […]

How to clear browsers cache on AOL Desktop Gold

The cache is a software component that temporarily stores data so that it can be retrieved easily if required. The browser cache is designed to improve your browsing experience by reducing the page load time. After you aol desktop gold download and when you access a particular website, the files of the website are stored in […]

How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Error 212

AOL desktop gold has been widely used across the world because of its enhanced and extraordinary features. However, it is not free from errors, which create problems for the users. AOL error 212 is one such error, which occurs when you try to send mails to a recipient using messenger. There are many causes of […]

Installation of AOL Desktop Gold has failed

download aol gold software   To install the software in a device is to configure the application in an environment where it can run smoothly. To provide a hostile and suitable environment for installing the software is mandatory. Otherwise, it will not work correctly. Installation is a process where the program will decompress the data […]

How to restore disappeared AOL Desktop Gold icon

free aol desktop 9.7 download   Missing the AOL Desktop Gold icon issue can be quite uncanny as it can appear at any time. You log in to your system and find that the desktop icon for the AOL Gold software is missing. It can happen after a Windows update or a few other reasons. […]