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5 Ways to Enhance Google My Business Ranking In 2019

Today, 6 out of 10 people use Google Search to find a product and service. For example, people search for the “best restaurant near me” or the “best salon near me.” Now, if people are searching for the services and products that you provide, then you may want to ensure that your business appears at […]

How to Manage and Use Storage Sense in Windows 10 May Update

Storage Sense – its name itself defines itself. It is an inbuilt tool that Microsoft has added in Windows 10. You’ve tried many third party cleaner to free up space in your mobile or PC, but this cleaner is of Microsoft’s. Storage Sense work as a cleaning tool, it is designed to manage the storage […]

How to Change the Password of your Netflix Account

As we access different online accounts from time to time, it is hard to remember the passwords of all. Though, if you use a password manager or have the same password on most of your online accounts, it is not an issue for you. If you forgot the password of your Netflix account and can’t […]

How to Convert an Image to a Vector in Illustrator

Vector images are mainly shapes and lines with dynamic color columns. There will be no change in the quality of the image while scaling them, that is their key benefit above rasterized static images. Source:Convert an Image to a Vector in Illustrator , Brother Printer Support Most of the times, it is necessary to change the regular […]

Top 5 K-9 Mail App Alternatives in 2019

K-9 Mail is an ideal mail app, which is known for privacy and security. It is perfect for the ones who are worried about their information and don’t want to share with anyone, even the app provider. But , the user interface of this app is not up to the mark as well as a […]

How To Remove Unknown Followers On Instagram

If you are receiving ghost followers on your Instagram account, then there is a very easy way to remove them from your account without even blocking them. It is likely beneficial to have quality followers on your account who are active on a regular basis than the dud profiles who never interact or make any […]

5 Best Ad-Free Photo Gallery Apps in 2019

Bored with your stock photo gallery app? Do you want to switch to a different gallery app but don’t want to be bothered by ads? Thankfully, the Play Store offers several ad-free alternatives for your phone’s native gallery app. We have weeded out top five gallery apps that you can consider. Photo Gallery Apps Top […]

6 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools to Stay Ahead in 2019

The importance of having a strong and active social media presence cannot be overstated. But, it can be trying to stay active on different social media platforms while managing other day-to-day activities. Thankfully, social media scheduling tools allow you to schedule posts to save time. Let’s check out some of the most popular social media […]

6 Best Apps to Celebrate Memorial Day 2019

Memorial day is approaching, and a large number of people will pack their bags on the weekend. You can also plan a trip and make the most of the holiday weekend. On that note, here the apps that you must have in your Smartphone to enjoy your trip ideally. Best apps to celebrate memorial day […]

How to Troubleshoot Belkin Router Duplicate Administrator Error?

A router is a device which helps users to connect with the internet connection. Nowadays, Belkin routers are the most popular name among the users when you need to connect with the Wi-Fi. Well, Belkin is one of the renowned company named as Belkin International Inc. is an American based company which manufactures consumer electronics […]