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How to Troubleshoot PlayStation 4 Remote Play Input Lag Issues

Finding that the controller is not responding to your inputs could be one of the most irritating things, especially when you’re playing your favorite game. Possibly, you would not want to go through this pain. Although the Remote Play input lag issues will not occur frequently, sadly you can face the issue. No need to […]

How to Fix the Chrome YouTube Fullscreen Glitch?

Most people use Google Chrome as their default web browser. Sometimes, users may notice that they are unable to play YouTube videos on the fullscreen mode in Chrome. If you are one of them, then read on and apply the solutions mentioned below. Source:Chrome YouTube Fullscreen Glitch , Brother Printer Support Number Attempt Quick Fixes If you […]

Wonder Woman 1984: Release Date, Photos, Cast and Plot Details

Are you also waiting for Wonder Woman 2? If yes, then you are not alone here. There are millions of people excited about the same thing, and they would love to know the updates and the latest news concerning the movie. Recently we have got some new updates about Wonder Woman 1984, and we thought […]

How To Connect Your Laptop To TV

Want to browse the Internet and stream your favorite TV shows and movies on the big screen? Watching TV shows and movies on a TV screen has a far better experience than with a laptop. Exploring your preferred Netflix subscription on your on that big screen TV in your room feels great. If you are […]

How to Initiate an Encrypted Chat on Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app comes with end-to-end encryption feature, which means that nobody other than you and the receiver will get to know about your chats. This feature was already there on WhatsApp and Messenger borrowed it from there. The chat encryption feature of WhatsApp makes it better than other chat apps. You can enhance […]

5 Ways to Enhance Google My Business Ranking In 2019

Today, 6 out of 10 people use Google Search to find a product and service. For example, people search for the “best restaurant near me” or the “best salon near me.” Now, if people are searching for the services and products that you provide, then you may want to ensure that your business appears at […]

How to Manage and Use Storage Sense in Windows 10 May Update

Storage Sense – its name itself defines itself. It is an inbuilt tool that Microsoft has added in Windows 10. You’ve tried many third party cleaner to free up space in your mobile or PC, but this cleaner is of Microsoft’s. Storage Sense work as a cleaning tool, it is designed to manage the storage […]

How to Change the Password of your Netflix Account

As we access different online accounts from time to time, it is hard to remember the passwords of all. Though, if you use a password manager or have the same password on most of your online accounts, it is not an issue for you. If you forgot the password of your Netflix account and can’t […]

How to Convert an Image to a Vector in Illustrator

Vector images are mainly shapes and lines with dynamic color columns. There will be no change in the quality of the image while scaling them, that is their key benefit above rasterized static images. Source:Convert an Image to a Vector in Illustrator , Brother Printer Support Most of the times, it is necessary to change the regular […]

Top 5 K-9 Mail App Alternatives in 2019

K-9 Mail is an ideal mail app, which is known for privacy and security. It is perfect for the ones who are worried about their information and don’t want to share with anyone, even the app provider. But , the user interface of this app is not up to the mark as well as a […]