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VSCO Cam is updated: performance and geolocation

Google has shown this year to focus quite strongly on optimizing its apps on devices with large displays , such as tablets. After the launch of Android 12L , which marked a turning point in terms of functionality on this type of device, the Mountain View giant has announced that many apps will be even more optimized. These include […]

What is an IP address and what is it for

The computer’s IP address is the number that identifies it on the network when you visit websites, in the same way that a postman finds the address of a home. In general terms, two computers communicate with each other through their IP addresses, so the IP address is therefore necessary for the server computers hosting […]

5 tools to test your password security

Computer hacking is constantly evolving and the range of tools used today is very wide. Here are 5 must-have tools regularly used by professionals to test password security . If you are passionate about computer security and want to learn more, then one of these tools will definitely help you achieve your goal. And if you hate hackers then […]

Obamacare and the frequency of use in healthcare

Regardless of the hits and misses, the fact is that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – or ObamaCare, as it became known – has always generated great discussions in healthcare sectors around the world. The “Patient Affordable Care and Protection Act” (PPACA), enacted in 2010, sought to expand access to health coverage for US citizens.  We […]

What is the best mobile insurance for June 2022?

Your ‘smartphone’ is, without a doubt, one of your most precious possessions. If you fear that it could be stolen, at Kelisto we have examined the market to help you choose the best mobile insurance. Mobile phones are one of the most useful and common devices today. According to data from the Hootsuite Digital Report […]

Tokio Marine vs Sompo, who has the best car insurance?

Have you heard of Tokio Marine and Sompo? They may not be as well-known insurers, but they may be among the best in Mexico. This may be a weird statement, but stay with us and we assure you that it will make more sense soon. How is it possible that a couple of little-known insurers […]

Take out life or accident insurance?

Take out life or accident insurance? Normally there is a tendency to identify and confuse both products, but the truth is that their coverages are different and complement each other. We explain the similarities and differences between the two. Take out life or accident insurance? We tell you what they look like and what they […]

We send you the ‘handyman’ home.

Since July, we have included the home DIY service in our multi-risk policies, a coverage that extends benefits to our customers. We explain how this ‘handyman’ works at home. Home mortgage Insurance is, after car insurance, the one with the highest penetration among Spanish families, according to the Social Report on Insurance 2015 prepared by Unespa. […]

Banks and the ECB: what changes for mortgages, deposits, and investments

A new announcement by  Mario Draghi: banks will be able to benefit from the Tltro 2 program. All this will bring greater liquidity to the market and, consequently, more loans for businesses and households. The ECB provisions for banks After the European Central Bank’s rate cut, the market is finally moving positively. According to the Promethea study center, […]

Burglar alarm connected to the operations center

Do you want to be sure to protect your home in the right way even when you are not there? Choose the alarm connected to the operations center. In this article, we explain what it means and why you should choose an insurance policy number. The burglar alarm connected to the operations center allows you to protect your […]