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Sandy Toes and Sunshine Vibes: Your Epic Checklist for a Blissful Week at the Beach

Keen on that long-awaited beach getaway? Gotta says a trip to the beach is pure gold for rebooting your mind and body. Beaches are right up there on everyone’s holiday bucket list – they’re a ripper spot to kick back and soak in the beauty and breeze. But here’s the thing: It can be a […]

Everything You Need To Know About Turkish Towels

Turkish towels have become very popular and are even considered the perfect bath towels. While most high-quality towels are made from cotton or cotton-blend, Turkish towels are valued for their look, feel, and, most importantly, durability. Read on to understand why people love them so much: What Is A Turkish Towel? Turkish towels are traditionally called peshtemels, […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Turkish Towels

It was not until a friend introduced me to the world of Turkish towels that I realised I’ve been living under a rock for all these years! For one, I didn’t know these towels have a history that dates back hundreds of years. Here are some of the things we bet you didn’t know about Turkish towels. […]

5 Benefits Of Using Turkish Towels

Turkish towels or peshtemals have been used in Turkish hammams for a long time. These towels originated in Turkey during the 17th century and were an integral part of their bathing ritual. If you haven’t used Turkish towels in the past, here are a few benefits of using them: Turkish Towels Are Lightweight: Turkish towels […]

5 Fabrics Commonly Used For Towels – Which One’s The Best?

Towels are perhaps the most underrated household item – we need them first thing in the morning and the last thing we use at night. But anyone hardly ever thinks twice before buying one. We often pay more attention to the colour and design than the quality of the weave or fabric. If you’re looking […]

All That You Wanted To Know About Turkish Towels

Turkish towels or peshtemels are very popular in Turkey and traditionally used at hammam spas. They were believed to have been used since the 7th century AD by Turkish and Ottoman royals as a part of their hammam rituals. Turkish towels were a part of a ceremonial bath kit gifted to newlyweds from the royal […]