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About Author: The Magline brand is so trusted and such a perennial feature of every industry that requires materials handling, that many hand trucks are often simply called “Magliners.” For over 70 years, Magline has been designing and manufacturing the most reliable, tough materials handling tools. Their loading and transportation solutions also include specialized equipment like their stair climbing carts, appliance hand trucks, and dependable collapsible hand truck line. If sturdy and reliable material handling tools would contribute to your business’s efficiency, success, and growth—choose Magline.

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The Gear You Need for a Serious Home Brewing Hobby

Homebrewing is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. It makes sense. Who wouldn’t like to be able to create their own beer at home? However, most of us can’t afford to drop thousands on commercial fermenters or a walk behind forklift to move dozens of kegs. Thankfully, there are more affordable tools to help you become […]

Strategies for Improving Warehouse Safety and Efficiency

It’s a cliché that to make money you have to spend money. It’s also usually true. The cliché that we’re not all made of money is also usually true. However, when it comes to increasing the efficiency and safety of a warehouse, some expenditures and planning can save and produce a lot of money. More […]

Gardening Projects to Do Before Winter and the Tools You’ll Need for Them

People generally associate spring with garden preparation. It makes sense, the world is warming up and everyone’s preparing for the summer gardening season. However, some plants don’t do well either in summer heat. They need to be planted when it’s cool, and established before the winter sets in. There are also situations in which people […]

How to Safely Transport Technology During a Move

Technology can be finicky to move. Electronics are often fragile, and delicate pieces of machinery can suffer damage during a move. Using a moving company means access to equipment like dollies that climb stairs and insurance for your items. Choosing to move on your own carries more risk, however it doesn’t have to mean the […]

The Tools You Need for Those End-of-Summer Projects

The terrific weather we all enjoy during the summer is wonderfully relaxing, but it can herald busy days ahead. It’s nice enough to enjoy a world of outdoor activities, vacations, and lazy days in the sun. On the other hand, that window of sunlight is also often the only time a variety of outdoor projects […]

The Equipment You Need to Restore and Repair Vehicles

In general, there are two groups of people who restore, repair, and rehabilitate vehicles—those who do it as a hobby and those who do it to save money. Working on the car is a true American pastime, and for an enthusiast, it’s often worth the expense of the parts and tools required for the joy […]

The 6 Must-Have Tools and Supplies Your Animal Rescue Needs

Running an animal rescue can be a daunting task. Some tools and supplies are obvious, such as kennels, cages, and food for a menagerie of animals. Others, like a U-boat cart or air purifier, are less obvious but still essential. Each of these tools will help keep an animal rescue shelter running smoothly and safely, […]

The Tools Your Bar Needs to Move Supplies Safely

Moving supplies and equipment can be a safety hazard for bars. While the delivery person will drop off full kegs, what happens when they need to be stored and then moved into place? Carrying more than a couple of liquor bottles in your arms at a time is risky. A bar that isn’t on the […]

Tools and Tips for Managing Heavy Landscaping Projects

Rock, paving stones, bricks, and shaped concrete can all be employed to create cost-effective landscaping features for any homeowner willing to put the work in. Beautiful stone walls; walkways of gravel, cobblestone, or pavers; water features, and stone patios are a few examples. Stone features are timeless additions to anyone’s property, and are also generally […]

The Classic, Unpowered Tools That Still Get the Job Done

Powered tools, equipment, and machinery have saved millions of labor-hours, an uncountable number of strained backs, and ushered in a new era of human productivity. We wouldn’t be where we are without them. On the other hand, traditional, unpowered tools remain as effective as they ever were. There’s something to be said for classic two […]