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About Author: The Magline brand is so trusted and such a perennial feature of every industry that requires materials handling, that many hand trucks are often simply called “Magliners.” For over 70 years, Magline has been designing and manufacturing the most reliable, tough materials handling tools. Their loading and transportation solutions also include specialized equipment like their stair climbing carts, appliance hand trucks, and dependable collapsible hand truck line. If sturdy and reliable material handling tools would contribute to your business’s efficiency, success, and growth—choose Magline.

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The Household Tools and Equipment You Need with Summer Right Around the Corner

With summer comes work. The good news is, it’s that rare kind of work that is often more fun and satisfying than work often is. It’s ornamental landscaping, gardening, planting, harvesting, and the rest of the property improvement and gratifying outdoorsy summer toil that some of us eccentrics wait all year for. However, there’s no […]

The Tools and Equipment Ranchers May Not Have Considered but Still Need

Most ranchers are likely pretty well aware of the tools they need for their trade. Still, there are always oversights, alternatives, technological advancements, and additional conveniences that emerge. So, it certainly can’t hurt to consider tools and equipment—from a simple hand cart to a night-vision camera and microphone set up—that can make life easier for […]

The Equipment Every Farmer Should Have on Hand but Might Not Have Considered

It’s assumed that professional farmers are already equipped with ahoe, hose, hand cart, and whatever other tools they need to do their farming. As such, this article is more geared toward the hobbyist or urban farmer who may not have considered some of the equipment mentioned here that will hopefully make their lives easier. Still, […]

Practical Tools That Will Save You a Lot of Hassle (and Pain) at Home

Whether you’re a new homeowner, practiced DIY pro, trying to prepare for a renovation or repair project, or you just want to be well-equipped, dependable tools are a necessity. Needless to say, compiling a list of all the tools that come in handy for home repair, renovating, and upkeep is a far too ambitious project […]

The Equipment Every Upkeep-Minded Homeowner Should Have in Their Shed

There are, of course, far too many tools that a homeowner could and would likely find useful to be listed in entirety here. It would be next to impossible to do so with solely outdoor tools even. So this isn’t as much just pointing out that homeowners should have a good shovel, a few sturdy […]

Safe and Efficient Lifting and Moving of Heavy Stock for Moving Companies and Furniture Stores

If you are either a mover or work in a furniture store, chances are you’re already familiar with the best way to safely lift heavy loads. Just in case: Plan every lift of something heavy beforehand and know your limits. You need to adopt a stable stance with a wide base; squat down first, adjust […]

How to Optimize Labor Efficiency and Safety for Craft Breweries

For those working in a craft brewery, and definitely for those who have founded and are running one, it’s usually as much of a labor of love as it is an occupation. Breweries are often the realization of years of dreaming, saving, planning, hobbyist or semi-professional brewing, and business management research, etc. As such, craft […]

Material Handling Best Practices for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing jobs come with their own unique hazards. This can include vehicle risks, the chance of electrical shock, the same slip and fall threats that accompany virtually any other occupation (particularly labor-based ones), and then the myriad ways in which the machinery and equipment used in manufacturing represents a potential threat. Despite the fact that […]

Improve the Performance, Safety, and Profit of Your Rental Business with Delivery Efficiency

Running a rental business can be an incredibly profitable enterprise. But it can also have a very thin profit margin with equipment purchase and upkeep overhead that’s considerably higher than that of many other businesses. As such, improving the performance, safety, and profit of a rental business in whatever ways are possible will be necessary […]

Optimizing the Safety and Efficiency of Retail Route Delivery

In the route delivery profession, the best practices for lifting and moving heavy stock are crucial, yet often are overlooked. After all, route delivery drivers often have a set circuit, a route with which they’re familiar, and carry presumably the same or similar stock for businesses on that circuit. Therefore, it’s reasoned that those drivers […]