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About Author: The Magline brand is so trusted and such a perennial feature of every industry that requires materials handling, that many hand trucks are often simply called “Magliners.” For over 70 years, Magline has been designing and manufacturing the most reliable, tough materials handling tools. Their loading and transportation solutions also include specialized equipment like their stair climbing carts, appliance hand trucks, and dependable collapsible hand truck line. If sturdy and reliable material handling tools would contribute to your business’s efficiency, success, and growth—choose Magline.

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Must-Have Equipment for Optimizing Your Third-Party Logistics Operation

Whether you are operating a warehouse, distribution-based third-party logistics (3PL) company or a transportation-based 3PL service, it’s essential that you optimize your operation. Time is of the essence and cutting down on the time it takes to move inventory and deliver it can be the difference between a client choosing your company or going with […]

The Material Handling Tools You Need to Help Your Grocery Store

Running a grocery store requires efficiency in restocking items. It also means rearranging stock, changing end caps, and now even delivering to customers’ vehicles and homes. For each situation, there are material handling tools that will help your employees stay safe and increase efficiency, a great boon for your grocery store. Stocking the Store Stocking […]

Extremely Fragile: The Must-Have Material Handling Tools for Glass Manufacturing

Every material handling task is accompanied by challenges, but when the material you’re handling is glass, the stakes can be much higher than usual. Glass is both fragile and dangerous, meaning that any handling mistakes will be costly and create safety hazards. Manufactured glass is very often heavy, including windshields, large windows, sliding glass doors, […]

The Tools and Tips You Need to Help Keep Your Production Floor Safe

The production floor of any company can present risks and hazards. The risk of injury is a concern for any business, but workers on production floors are at greater risk. Keeping workers safe is a vital responsibility of every employer, even beyond the financial and legal implications of an injury at the workplace. Safe, well-trained, […]

How to Efficiently and Safely Carry Out Home Health Care Deliveries in the Cold Months

Winter is a particularly crucial time for home health care deliveries. People depend on those deliveries for essential health care and quality of life equipment and supplies. People who might otherwise be somewhat mobile are often stuck at home in the winter due to the cold and risk of falling. Extreme temperatures make life much […]

How to Operate a Moving Business in Snowy Weather

Depending on where you operate, the weather is going to be cold for the next few months, and that can mean snowy conditions for your moving business. Some snow might slow your employees, but there are ways to combat the weather. Break out the hand trucks and get ready to advise your delivery teams to […]

Everything Your Final Mile Company Needs to Get the Job Done

The “final mile” is generally the most complex, expensive, and important phase of the delivery process. With ecommerce changing the face of retail and deliveries from brick-and-mortar retailers remaining strong, the success of countless businesses relies on successful deliveries. Successful delivery, of course, is contingent on the success of a smooth final mile. Ensuring that […]

Easy Material Handling Safety Fixes for White Glove Delivery

The dominance of ecommerce in the marketplace has meant a huge influx of online orders that require delivery. Meanwhile, deliveries from brick and mortar retailers remain common and popular. The result is that effective delivery is now often a necessary element of the success of delivery companies and even brick and mortar retailers that deliver […]

Essential Tools for Your Party Planning and Rental Business

Operating a party planning and rental business can be tricky. Delivering anything from large tents to bounce houses is heavy, slow work, and accidents can cause injuries even in relatively safe working conditions. Whether you are setting up a wedding or renting supplies out for a holiday party, the following material handling tools can help […]

The Tools Your Winery Needs to Improve Efficiency and Safety

Wine has been around since ancient times and is enjoyed by virtually every culture. With the increasing demand for wine fueling an ever-growing global industry, even the small “craft” wineries are part of a very big business. It’s created a terrific opportunity for anyone with a passion for wine and winemaking. However, there are always […]