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Automation in Manufacturing: Understanding Types and Benefits

In the modern Industrial age, Automation continues to be the most effective tool for enhancing manufacturing efficiency. Introducing Automation in manufacturing and Advanced Technologies such as RPA through ERP software has allowed the manufacturers to gain a competitive edge in their production cycle. Basics of Manufacturing Automation Automation in the manufacturing industry can be considered […]

Cloud Computing and Its Benefits for Startups

In today’s time, the culture of startups is gaining more popularity. Dissimilar to any established business, startups are more focused on innovation. Usually, a startup comprises a younger team with a clear vision and plan for establishing a startup. All the basic business functionalities have to be built from scratch, demanding huge investments. Another major […]

Understanding Colocation Services for Business

What are Colocation Services? Colocation or ‘colo’ is a practice of renting out the hosting server space along with other required computing hardware. This space can be rented out at a third-party provider’s data center premises. Colocation services usually include a physical infrastructure that can house every essential hardware such as networking, physical security, and […]

Analyzing the Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting

The term ‘Private Cloud infrastructure’ or Private Cloud Utility was first discussed by Douglas Parkhill in his book in the year 1966. The main objective behind his project was to introduce a direct comparison concept within other industries and identify opportunities for enhanced use of hybrid models for balancing supplies and reducing risks. The idea […]

Debunking Common Cloud Hosting Myths

Cloud computing or Cloud hosting has transformed the way in which businesses operate. An online report published by Statista states that the public Cloud hosting market will be valued at 160 billion dollars towards the end of 2020. Despite increased adoption of Cloud hosting and its associated benefits for enterprises, certain facts need to ‘cleared’ […]

Data Center Services in India

Data Center is a key parameter for any business and ESDS is one of the CSPs to provide best Data Center Services in India. What do you mean by Data Center Services? Data Center Services is an umbrella term used to describe services which create, execute, enhance or maintain a data center for an organization. […]

How AI can boost Banking services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking businesses to the next level mainly because of the services offered under this technology. Every industry has started seeing improvements in their business processes, costs and work efficiencies due to the introduction of AI in their field. For every industry AI brings something different to the table. AI has helped […]

How Cloud Platforms Can Enhance Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is the most significant achievement when businesses successfully serve customers. According to me, this is the only thing that matters when a specific business aims of achieving a big chunk of market share and a happy & loyal clientele. There are services out there which fall in the premium category but end by […]

The Combined Potential of Big Data and AI

In today’s time, where the digital world is flooded with huge volumes of data, technologies like AI and Big Data prove to be of great help. With the technology capabilities spanning from data analysis to predictive analysis, these technologies offer numerous opportunities that can enhance the output of any business. When working in a silo, […]

Which of These Cloud Automation Tools Suits You?

IT Professionals, DevOps Engineers and SysAdmin’s would all agree that by automating their cloud infrastructure, they are able to spend more time doing what they do best. Cloud automation tools make it easier for them to focus on design and engineering. As a business owner you probably don’t want to spend too much time managing […]