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How MS Office helps in remote work via phones?

Are you a remote worker or carry an iPhone/iPad with you? No matter if you are on a trip and forget to carry your laptop along, it is important to cope with the work, though. What would you do in such a case? Providentially, MS Office suite is the one that people, in high degree, […]

Apple Watch tips and tricks you should know

1. Take or decline calls Now, you do not have to whip your phone out every time your phone rings or vibrates. Simply tap on the wearable and see who is calling. After that, you can decide whether or not you want to answer the call. When somebody calls you, the wearable will light up. […]

How do you download a genuine Microsoft office setup media?

You may find various third-party websites that provide users with a medium to purchase the subscription. Not all the sites are safe and therefore you cannot guarantee if the subscription you purchase is genuine or not. To get an authentic Office suite, visit and then buy a product that fits your requirement. It is […]

How to Edit Spell Check Dictionary in Windows 10

You might be thinking how is it possible to add a wrong word, but by right-clicking on a word and accidentally selecting Add to Dictionary include the word in the dictionary. Windows do not notify you for that wrongly spelled word, consequently making mistakes in your work. Now, the question is how you would get rid of […]

How to Cancel HBO Now Subscription on Windows or Mac?

With Games of Thrones a year away, you may not want to use your HBO Now subscription. With HBO Now, the best thing is that you can subscribe when the latest season of your favorite TV series launches, and unsubscribe when it gets wrapped up. If you had subscribed to HBO to watch a particular […]

How to Remove Office for Mac 2011 manually?

Remove the MS Office 2011 folder Open Applications and drag the Office for mac 2011 folder to Trash Open Preferences from Library and take out all files with com. microsoft extension Press Option and Go key together Hit Home and access Library Now, simply move all files starting with “” to Trash Open By Host […]

Have data in your McAfee Personal Locker? Here is how you can move it File Lock!

McAfee Personal Locker, the cloud storage solution that includes biometric log on to ensure secure online file storage. The specialized security program will sooner become inaccessible, which is a sign that you should transfer your data from McAfee Personal Locker to an equally safer place, probably McAfee File Lock. Moving the data in-time will help […]

Guide for McAfee Cloud Workload Security product

The corporate world revolves around the data and for the safety of the workloads, they have moved towards the cloud. McAfee gives you an inimitable protection which makes it likely for a particular automatic policy to protect your workloads, as they get transferred from their virtual public, private, and hybrid environments. It allows operational brilliance […]

Microsoft announced new features in OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft has declared about their plan to come out with a series of AI services for the Microsoft Office 365 users who are using OneDrive and SharePoint. Thereafter, the users will be able to enjoy the automated transcriptions from all the audio and video files in OneDrive and SharePoint. Every video and audio file doesn’t […]

Say no to Data Loss with McAfee Total Protection

McAfee is a well-renowned brand in the field of online security. It protects the devices from unauthorized access, which ultimately results in the loss or the corruption of data available on them. Not only the data protection, the Santa Clara based brand also ensures safe web surfing, internet network security, and more. McAfee also delivers […]