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How to install and synchronize Office setup OneNote on an iPad?

Besides installing, if you wish to synchronize the Office setup OneNote to your iPad from your computer, make sure you have an active account on In case you do not have an active account on then create your account and enter your Office setup product key in the field to access licensed account. […]

Microsoft Office Whiteboard app launches new colors of pen, background & more

To be more resourceful, go to and log in using your Microsoft or Office setup account details, purchase a subscription, and get started with the Whiteboard app of Microsoft Office com setup. If you skip the step of purchasing the software, you will not get the access to the app for it is only accessible to licensed users as […]

3 Security tips to protect you from a data breach

With the continuous advancement in technology, everything is just a click away. To download apps, install software, and access other applications, we all provide our personal information as a part of sign up or registration process. Apart from that, there could be many other reasons (hotel check-in, collecting reward points, etc.) for which we share […]

How to Activate McAfee Mobile Security subscription using a mobile?

In order to know how to activate McAfee antivirus mobile security subscription using a phone, go with the steps below. Get McAfee activate using your phone Tap on McAfee icon to launch the app on the screen Go to Option taping on the three horizontal lines Press login and you will be directed to […]

Configure your McAfee Email Protection to get filtered emails

As the email gateway keeps a track of all the incoming mails, it typically processes the emails such as archiving it or filtering spam. Once the mail passes the gateway, it overtakes the mail to the mail server that delivers the mail to its respective receiver. However, McAfee activate keeps the track of all the received email in […]

How to Download and Install MS Office Professional?

Your Office com setup must have a product key. So, before installing Office Professional for the first time, log in to your Microsoft account using either an existing or new ID, and then enter the office setup product key at the Office setup. This is a one-time process as the key will link your account […]

How to download Office 365 Education?

Office 365 Education is the only free version available for students and teachers. Microsoft has designed it for the betterment of classrooms and school collaborations by rendering free productivity tools. To get the Office setup for this specialized version, you will have to prove that you are an accredited academic institution. Steps to download Office 365 […]

Start working on a digital Whiteboard with Office 365

Microsoft Whiteboard frees you to work on a digital canvas where innovative ideas meet and open doors of new possibilities. Providing the conventional Office setup feature of real-time collaboration, users can work on the same virtual whiteboard from the different corners of the world. With an active subscription on to get the access to […]

How do I download McAfee Safe Connect?

McAfee Safe Connect is a specialized security program developed by McAfee to help computer users protect their identity and maintain online privacy. Available via, the program allows you to browse or surf the internet anonymously. You can get this on Windows, Google Android, and iOS. It works exactly like a virtual private network. After […]

Get Going with Smart Office 365 Setup Multi-Geo Capabilities

Office 365 Multi-Geo, the feature is developed and designed for organizations to spread out their occurrence to multiple geographic areas and/or countries within your existing occupant. Users with an active subscription and account at will be able to get the complete benefit of Multi-geo features. Also, the feature is only accessible on SharePoint and […]