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Everything that you should know about real estate

In modern culture, the real estate industry is crucial. People must buy and sell real estate, and they require professionals to guide them through the process and manage the transactions. Software and websites have modified the conventional real estate process during the last ten years. However, no matter how far technology comes in real estate, […]

Decoding the real estate valuation of homes in India

Before making real estate investments, buyers should know the property’s fair market value. A properly surveyed investment in real estate can result in better appreciation, and having a second opinion from a qualified Chartered Engineer can help you objectively and accurately determine the property’s market value. There are significant factors that influence the valuation of real […]

Is it necessary to know the locality better when investing in real estate?

When you recall making a real estate purchase, you might remember people asking you to inspect the property’s locality thoroughly. Ever wondered why is it necessary to know the locality better when investing in real estate? This is because locality is one of the most crucial factors of every home purchase and is tied to […]

Top 5 Projects to Consider in Gurgaon

The millennium city of India, known as Gurgaon or Gurugram, is home to some of the largest companies in the world. Leading companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have resided in Gurgaon, attracting crowds across the country. Gurgaon has more floor space, higher-quality amenities, and infrastructure than other Delhi NCR areas. Here are the top […]

Best Places to Buy a House in India Today

With the emergence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, people started to realise the importance of having their own houses, which led to an increased demand for real estate investment. While people have continually invested in real estate India, a few cities have recently gained prominence due to their promising commercial and infrastructural developments. Let’s look […]

What to Look for When Buying Houses in Goa?

The nightlife and party culture phenomenon are what Goa is rewarded for. With its eccentric lifestyle, local cuisine, the standard of living and, of course, the picturesque beaches, Goa attracts tens of thousands of tourists from throughout the country and abroad every year. Beautiful white sand beaches bordered with coconut palms, communities with exquisite churches […]