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Pokémon Go: What is Orange Incense

The imposed lockdown due to severe pandemic has led everyone to dwell at their homes. However, it is unable to stop the gamers of Pokémon Go. Recently, the event of Sinnoh Throwback Challenge has arrived in Pokémon Go, and we all know that for some time, the incense of various items alters from green to orange. The […]

Everything to Know About YouTube Bedtime Reminder Feature

During this pandemic, every digital platform is working to grab the audience by hook or by crook. In this lockdown, everyone is locked in the home and exploring the new field of the digital world. That’s why most of the video conferencing tools and websites are introducing new techniques and working harder to create a […]

Flash Season 7: What to Expect from The Series?

In this blog, you will get all the required information regarding The Flash Season 7, including the release date, reason for the delay, and a brief about the story details. The previous season of Flash, that is season 6 was supposed to have 22 episodes, but it was concluded with 19 episodes. Success is Assured […]

Adding Products On Shopify Is Actually Easy. Here’s How

Shopify is perhaps the best supporter of business minds these days. Many young and old businesses have started making tremendous sales on their page on Shopify. After enabling many to touch the heights of success, the platform never stops to impress new joiners with its credibility and exciting features. While the platform offers ease to […]

How to Use WhatsApp on any Web Browser or PC?

Everyone knows about the WhatsApp or WhatsApp messenger. They offer several services like real-time video calling, voice calling, status sharing, and WhatsApp web when your phone is having cellular internet connectivity or WIFI connectivity. Frequently, a question asked about the WhatsApp web. Some individuals need to use WhatsApp from the web. WhatsApp web offers a […]

Xiaomi MI Band-5: Leaks, Rumours & What to Expect

The fitness band by Xiaomi does complete justice to the company’s track record of producing devices that are built well and yet do not cost much. Costing around $40 in the US, it is a go to device for people who have a tight budget to maintain. Much due to the success of Mi Band-4 […]

Celebrity Instagram and Zoom Live: A Terrific Window into Stars’ Homes

Self-isolation and social distancing have forced everyone, including celebrities, to work from home. Fortunately, most of the stars are using online services like Zoom and Instagram to keep their fans entertaining. The ongoing health outbreak has changed the lives of people throughout the globe in an unexpected way. Also, it has brought produced unexpected outcomes […]

Here’s How You can Copy Images from Facebook to Google Photos

Facebook recently simplified the transfer process of Facebook images and videos to Google Photos. Facebook is the biggest and one of the oldest social media platforms, and for its users, it’s a great feature to transfer their oldest or newest image or video to Google Photos. Google Photos is online storage that Google provides. This […]

How to Use Family Link App to Control Kid’s Screen Time on Android

Kids are curious about using smart devices and attract towards smart gadgets very quickly Such as a smartphone or laptop. Sometimes we allow them to use the screen time of the particular device, but excess usage of anything is harmful so, we should not let them play a game or anything longer. It affects two […]

How to Use Digital Camera as a Webcam

If you want to take a meeting with your Office colleague or boss, then you should have a powerful HD camera that provides premium quality for video conferencing. If your device hasn’t a reliable built-in camera that gives a rich quality picture as Webcam, then you can use your mirrorless digital camera for the same […]