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How to Delete an App from your Mac

There is a big difference in standard laptop and Macbook. Both have the different software and features. Macbook has a different operating system. It runs on the OS X operating system of Apple, whereas standard laptops are running on the Windows operating system. Both of these have the different functions. So, for a new user […]

A Step by Step Guide On Installing Dropbox In Ubuntu

Installing Dropbox in Ubuntu is not a difficult task like it seems. Dropbox is an online file hosting which enables users to share files between computers with the cloud. Dropbox installation is quite easy on most of the platforms except Linux Ubuntu. Users find it very difficult to install Dropbox in Ubuntu because of its […]

5 Best Alarm Clock Apps In 2019

Waking up early in the morning or at a fixed time every day is not easy for heavy sleepers. Sometimes you are way too tired after a busy day and cannot wake up at your morning fixed time. And snoozing your alarm multiple times makes you late for work and other important events. You do […]

How to Fill An Area with Color in Photoshop

If you want to fill large areas on a picture by adding solid colors, then you can use the drawing and painting tools. You can use these tools, but it is  possible to do this procedure much faster in Photoshop. If you want to add the solid colors while working in Photoshop, then you can […]

How to Disable “These files might be harmful to your computer”

The warning messages have been developed in both Windows Vista and Windows 10. Sometimes, this message gets annoying. If you want to disable “These files might be harmful to your computer,” then go through instructions mentioned below. Here’s how to disable “These files might be harmful to your computer.” ·       Check the IP Address 1.    Go to […]

How to Insert and Send Animated GIFs in Emails on Gmail

Gmail has created its image among people as a professional emailing service. So, you might be surprised to know that you can send animated GIFs via email. Until now, you may have only used Gmail emails for sharing documents or images with a funny subject or message. But, after reading this article, you can send […]

How to Import Music from your Device to Amazon Music Library

Apart from allowing streaming of millions of songs online, Amazon Music also allows you to import music from the devices. It means you can import and listen to all those audio files that are stored on your computer or Smartphone from your Amazon Music Library. You can import your music collection from your mobile phone […]

Google is Testing an App and Game Subscription Service Named Play Pass

In the era wherein XaaS or Anything as a Service is being chosen by organizations as customers are heavily preferring the pay-as-you-go models, it seems like even the premium applications available in Google Play Store may switch to the pay-per-use pricing model. As reported by Android Police, Google is now testing an app and game […]

Google Fit Gets Dark Mode, Sleep Tracking and Running Routes Mapping

One of the most well known and loved fitness apps throughout the Internet, “Google Fit” is all set to release three new features for the app. The features are Dark Mode, Sleep Pattern Recognition, and Running Routes Mapping. The new features will make the Google Fit App even more insightful and user-friendly. You will be […]

5 Best Mobile Apps to Make Legit Music

Making music is far more difficult than just listening to it. It takes a while to make some music. If you are a musician, you know how difficult it is to make up legit music. Sometimes it’s lack of ideas, mental block, and several other factors that a musician or composer has to face in […]