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How to Make a Dynamic Defined Range in Excel

Storing data in Excel simply make things easier for you or anyone who uses it. The data you store in Excel can be updated as well, enhancing its importance. Creating data every time consumes so much time, and that is why making a dynamic defined range could help you in increasing your data automatically. It […]

Best WhatsApp Text Tips and Tricks

It is probably surprising as you use the like WhatsApp mostly every day, but have no idea know about several functions. Here you will get the idea of the WhatsApp features you have no idea about. Read through the blog and follow the instructions to know the best tricks of WhatsApp. Strike, Bold With Italics […]

How to Change Default Apps on Mac

Clicking on any kind of link, and double-clicking on any file open up and perform its activities with the help of default apps. Even if you have never selected the default performing apps, there are still apps available that do the work on a default basis. Sometimes few actions and clicks that we make in […]

Things Android Users can Do but iPhone Can’t

The discussion between iPhone and Android fans over which is the better device is not going to end. Both ends have their valid points, concerning the security and the encryption of the iPhone users to custom and the Google Assistant skills in the Android. So most of them have valid points and reasonable arguments. There […]

Best Spotify Tips and Tricks for Ultimate Experience

Spotify is the world’s most trusted and famous music streaming service with millions of listeners. Spotify is giving close competition to its competitors, including YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Tidal. It provides a large collection of songs from all over the globe with a common interface that makes the favorite of these users from the […]

How to Know If Someone Has Added You on Snapchat

When it’s about sharing videos and pictures easily to friends, there is no good option for social media than Snapchat. You can share fun moments at the concert or a photo of a family vacation with friends. Snapchat makes all these sharing easy and to communicate with your friends. The concept of temporary videos and […]

How to Speed up an Android Device

Android is a famous operating system all over the globe as 2.5 billion systems running the version of the software. Its spontaneous design is compatible with mostly every phone manufacturer accepts Apple, which makes it an obvious favorite for every user. Though like any other device, the Android phone slows down as time passes. It […]

How to Fix KMODE Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10

KMODE Exception not handled error message is one of the Blue screen error on Windows 10 that it changes the whole display of your computer with a blue screen displaying the main error message and description about it. With the error code appearing on the blue screen, one can easily see what issue is going on in […]

How to Solve Error Code 48

Error code 48 can show up when the system registry files get corrupted, the computer is infected with viruses, and when device drivers are corrupted or outdated. It is vital for the computer users to get rid of error 48, in order to get the flawless user experience and ultimate performance. When there are essential […]

How to Fix iPhone Microphone Is Not Working

A short guide book to troubleshoot and resolve the iPhone microphone issue. You may have faced a situation where your phone’s microphone is not working, and because of that, you are not able to communicate with the other person. Just because of that one malfunctioning element, you face many problems (such as Siri is not […]