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5 Best Webcam for PC in 2019

The default webcam available in laptops and PCs is not always up to the mark. Their quality is low, and the visuals are not expressive. In that case, it is better to find an ideal webcam from the market for use. Plenty of options are there for you both online and offline. You can search […]

5 Best Weapons for PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

Zombie: Survive till dawn event is one of the most exciting and recent modes that came with PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update. It is excellent for honing your killing skills and practice winning matches. The zombies keep coming in various frequencies from time to time, and you have to eliminate them as well as other enemies […]

How to Redeem & Use Google Play Gift Card, Promo Code, or Gift Code

Apart from being the biggest app store in the world, Google Play is also a video store, a bookstore, and a music subscription service. During the festival season and holiday season or on birthdays people will get gift cards or gift codes through email, physical cards and in some other way. These gift codes can […]

How to fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen errors on Windows 10

The Windows Spotlight is one of the wonderful features added to Windows 10. The feature gives a new look every time to your desktop when you sign in to your computer. Windows Spotlight downloads wallpapers from Bing and sets them as the Lock screen background image. Undoubtedly the Spotlight feature is great but sometime it […]

How to send and get podcasts on your new Apple TV

The Podcasts app on Apple TV supports from the tvOS version 9.1.1. Although the Apple Podcasts app before tvOS version 9.1.1 will not support on Apple TV, Apple brings the Podcasts app that you used on your iOS devices to their Apple TV. Users find this to be a great initiative from Apple, now Apple […]

6 Best Writing Apps for 2019

Organize your thoughts well with the help of these apps. Whatever you do, whether you write cultural novels, write articles for the local newspaper or write for some personal work, one thing that you need the most is useful writing tools. Some of them are given below: Scrivener It is one of the best writing […]

6 Apps to Help Children Struggling With ADHD

Have you ever wondered why some kids in school are focused, and some are always interrupting, daydreaming, creating a nuisance and disturbing others? They are not doing it knowingly; they have a mental disorder, namely, ADHD. Thank the increased awareness about mental health disorders. There is nothing better than realizing that there are some mental […]

How To Fix Sound Problems On iPad?

Is there any problem with the sound on your iPAd? It might normally work at the time of playing songs or videos at YouTube, but few of the apps my be muted. Always remember that sound issues are confusing and a bit difficult to fix. It is because sometimes you might be using one application […]

How To Get Windows 10 For Android Using Microsoft Launcher?

Microsoft launcher for Android is an amazing option that allows the users to avail MS apps and services on Android smartphones or tablet. It allows you to experience Windows 10 by switching between your phone and the computer. Steps for getting Windows 10 experience on Android The method of connecting an Android device to Windows […]

How To Troubleshoot An iPhone That Keeps Shutting Off?

iPhone plays a vital role in the life of the majority of people. For instances, it ensures that they get up on time or allows them to entertain themselves by watching videos. For this reason people face a lot of difficulties whenever iPhone stops working and shuts off for not reason. Reasons behind an iPhone […]