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5 Best Pet Apps for Android in 2019

Owning a pet is a challenging yet satisfying experience. The pet offers you unconditional love, and you need to only take care of them in return. Nowadays, technology has made things a lot easier for pet owners. There are various great apps that pet owners can use to take care of their pet. The best […]

5 Best Offline Android Games Available in 2019

It is not necessary to have an active internet connection to enjoy offline games available on Android. You can play these games on a long bus or train ride, and even kill time whenever you are bored. If you are interested in best offline Android games, the list is given below for you. 1. Alto’s […]

5 Best Apps for Surfers In 2019

One of the most adventurous and to-do activities of adventurers is surfing. Floating on large waves in the ocean is as breathtaking and awesome as it seems. One of the most amazing water sport is surfing, but it takes skills and experience to do such type of thrilling water sport. For surfing in the open […]

5 Best Time Saving Social Media Management Tools For Your Business

Managing multiple social media accounts is quite chaotic and time-consuming for users.  Uploading of photos, videos, and content one by one on different social media platforms is not as easy as it seems. What if there is a permanent solution to your problem? Well, there are tools available explicitly designed to manage your multiple social […]

5 Best Pedometer Apps For iOS

After the introduction of different modes of transportation around the world, people have become dependent on them. The idea of walking a couple of miles to work or school seems like a waste to individuals. The idea of walking throughout the day to stay fit and active has been considered far better than going to […]

How to Turn On Dark Mode in Computer, Phones, and Gaming Console

So, you also like black color, want to see everything on your devices in the black theme? Just enable dark mode on it. It is the feature that changes an app, program, or entire user interface of device in black theme. The dark mode is also a useful feature for those who work in a […]

How to Set Up Skype on Desktop and Mobile

Nowadays, there are many video call apps but once upon a time Skype used to be the only app to make a video call, voice call and chat between two computers and mobiles through the Internet connection. So here are some steps for using Skype in Desktop and Mobile. Set up Skype on Desktop •    […]

5 Best Apps for Inner Calm and Good Sleep

If you are feeling stressed, tired, or depressed, then you have come to the right place to release your tension and stress. Throw your stress away and install one these five apps to relax your mind and fall asleep in a few minutes.  So let’s get started. 1.  Relax Melodies Relax Melodies have 100 relaxing […]

How to Capture Screenshots in Windows 10

A screenshot is a beneficial way to share ideas and content of your screen. Windows 10 is the latest Windows version available at present. And there are different types of ways of taking screenshots. So, here are the methods: Capture a whole screenshot In Windows series, Windows 10 is the latest one and here is […]

Everything you need to know about Android Pie 9.0

Android Q is in beta, but its successor Android Pie 9.0 is at present, the latest Android version. This version is packed with features. You get so many features like camera, battery performance, display, media, and system, etc. So today we are discussing the latest Android version Pie 9.0 features. Gesture Navigation In older Android, […]