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How to Make Use of the Google Reverse Image Search

Get to know about the origin of the picture, take help of your Mac, laptop, tablet or the PC. Through Google to reverse image search, you can research regarding the origins of an image that has been found online. It may be a historical picture that is shown with a petite context or a picture […]

How to Set Up Folders and Group Apps on iPhone?

A well-organized iPhone will save your time along with avoiding the mess. Creating folders on iPhone is an outstanding way to minimize the scattered clutter all around. Group the apps altogether and use the phone. If all the music apps are at the proper place, then don’t hunt via the folders for accessing them. It […]

How to Limit Access to iTunes and iBooks

Nothing is better than this that parents can control access to a lot of content by using parental control techniques in iPad and iPhone. Very often, Restrictions are a synonym to Parental Controls. It helps you manage all of the applications, features and content available for your kids. But how can you restrict it? Apple […]

How to Create and View an iPhone Medical ID

Health app is one of the most exciting features of iOS. Health app allows other apps to share its data. It may be used to track all sort of information like your fitness and exercise, blood pressure, quality of sleep and much more. A medical ID is one of the most subtle but most important […]

How to Create GIFs on Tumblr?

For many years now, users of Tumblr have enjoyed reblogging and posting several animated images of GIF. Be thankful for a present mobile application that can be used for making GIFs on Tumblr. Users don’t even need any separate tool even. Why is Tumblr the most prominent among all? Tumblr is an amazing and one […]

How to Configure an FTP Server on Windows 10 PC?

An FTP is also called a File Transfer Protocol Server; generally, it’s a private or public server which is popular for hosting files which be easily accessed by the users locally and globally. However, this FTP server is always faultless, fast, and flexible which indicate that you can be stored in any types of files […]

Overwatch: New Paris Map Revealed For PC Test Servers

Overwatch is out with its new map for PC test Servers, and this map is called the Paris. As the name suggests, this map includes the entire landscape of the game with the French city of love. Paris is the newly added map for the Overwatch and resembles a lot with the narrow streets and […]

Microsoft Desires to Include Xbox Live in Nintendo Switch

Microsoft recently made an announcement regarding its Xbox live and indicated big future plans for it. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer stated that 2019 is the right time to go for the company. Previously it was believed that Xbox would reveal its Xbox Live services at the E3, but possibly, users may not have to […]

Apple Music teams up with American Airlines for free in-flight music

Apple Music is flying in many more ways. Apple Music has announced its partnership with commercial carrier American Airlines to improve the experience of the users of its music app while flying. The American Airlines aircraft, equipped with ViaSat satellite Wi-Fi, shall provide exclusive access to the Apple Music subscribers to use complimentary Wi-Fi, for […]

Man Faces Jail Time after Wrongly Using Fruit Scale to Steal PS4

Today’s era has turned out to be rewarding for gamers, and with the introduction of a new game every day, people around the world are devoted to playing video games. With the inclusion of powerful gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, gamers can play games like Fortnite and PUBG in 4k resolution with 60-129 […]