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Whether you’re a yoga teacher considering prenatal yoga certification, or a pregnant mama who wants to do yoga to make space, for baby, and stay strong and relaxed and prepare for labor, you probably hear a lot of conflicting information about what’s safe. For example, you may have heard that pregnant women shouldn’t strengthen their core, […]

Is “Prenatal Yoga” the same as “Gentle Yoga”?

I created Ma Yoga® for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond because I believe passionately that prenatal yoga is NOT the same as gentle yoga. Women need inner and outer strength when they’re pregnant maybe more than any other time of their lives. Not only are pregnant mamas carrying around a bowling ball in their belly, but there’s […]

The Five Keys to Co-Creation: Essential Principles for Teaching Prenatal Yoga

I named my prenatal yoga instructor certification school “Ma Yoga” partly because “ma” means “mother” in just about EVERY language. It’s really wild – here are just some “b”s: • Belarusan: “Matka” • Bosnian: “Majka” • Brazilian: “Mae” • Bulgarian: “Majka” In the ancient language of yoga, “Ma” also means something else besides mother: the highest, most […]

An Online Ayurveda Training For Women’s Body’s And Lives

Hi I’m Jessica. You might think I look healthy in this picture of me as a new mom – and it’s true I was super happy – but I was also exhausted, depleted, and my curly hair first straightened, and then started falling out. Even though I’d been teaching yoga for a decade, I realized […]

How to Write Your Most Meaningful Birth Story: Ask Your Mom

When you think of birth, what’s the first thought that comes in to your mind? Often, we go to the negative: painful, scary, I can’t. Of course when we notice these thoughts, we realize that they are just limiting beliefs, and not necessarily truth. Where do these limiting beliefs come from? Media portrays birth as […]

A Great Way to Relieve Pregnancy Aches and Pains: Prenatal Yoga Online with Ma Yoga®

If you’re pregnant, it might feel like you have a new ache or pain every day, or even every moment. Pregnancy discomforts can make it hard to sleep, sit, and just enjoy this exciting time. Whether you’ve never tried yoga, or you’ve done it for years, here’s why experts recommend prenatal yoga online with Ma […]

Why I Love Teaching Prenatal Yoga

For me, teaching a “Mama Circle” has been my anchor to my own authentic path. I go there to re-connect to my Divine feminine side; to let go of the constant pressure to achieve and move forward, and instead, to remember that we are all part of this universe unfolding and evolving itself. When we […]

I’ve Never Been Pregnant – Can I Still Teach Prenatal Yoga?

I’ve been helping teachers feel confident teaching prenatal yoga since 2006, and I’ve never had a pregnancy yoga teacher training where this wasn’t asked by someone. I understand the worry – I felt the same way starting to teach prenatal yoga while knowing nothing about pregnancy (except the basics). But not having had an experience in that […]

Pregnancy Exercise: Reduce Fear, Increase Joy with a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

If you’ve ever taken a yoga teacher training, you might feel your heart skip a beat when you think of a pregnant woman walking into your class. You might even have heard scary warnings: · You can lose the baby if you reach high up to the top cabinet. · Your baby can be breach if […]

Safe and Effective Prenatal Yoga at Home

If you’re feeling stiff, weak, or low-energy, you might be thinking of doing some prenatal yoga. Maybe you’ve searched on youtube for some videos, or looked for a yoga site with some prenatal videos. But how do you know what’s safe for you and baby? Live prenatal yoga online with skilled teachers is a silver lining of […]