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Blizzard has overhauled the character creation in the Shadowlands pre-patch

Through the pre-patch before the official release of Shadowlands, Blizzard provided World of Warcraft players with new character creation and customization options. Before the official release of the Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft, Blizzard changed the customization options for players when creating characters through a series of actions. For World of Warcraft, the release […]

World of Warcraft players can download the Shadowlands pre-patches right away

It seems that players can start downloading pre-patches for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands recently. As can be seen from some posts on Reddit, players have recently noticed a news about the new expansion of World of Warcraft, that is, Blizzard has provided players with a new World of Warcraft update file on the World of […]

Before the Shadowlands expansion is released, you should do these things

Recently, many game mechanics and functions in World of Warcraft will begin to change, because the new expansion of the game, Shadowlands, will be officially released on October 27th. Players have been waiting for a full two years since the last expansion of World of Warcraft called Battle for Azeroth was released, and BfA supporters […]

Create a new character in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands for a better experience

Recently, Blizzard announced a major news, the news mainly introduced the update of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands alt leveling. The developer pointed out that with the help of the Threads of Fate, the game is moving in the right direction, which is a feature that the developer has promised a long time ago. World of […]

Developers’ improvements to Shadowlands are gradually satisfying players

Currently, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has not yet been released, but there will be information or rumors related to the expansion every day, and it is difficult to imagine how much hype related to this topic will be in the future. What makes players feel excited is that after endless speculation, now they finally know […]

Anyway, we will finally get the Naxx and TBC in World of Warcraft Classic

We may be able to see information about the Naxxramas raid and the legendary Burning Crusade expansion earlier than we thought, because rumors about these new content have begun to appear in the game community and unofficial forums, and they will be introduced in World of Warcraft Classic after the completion of the 6th stage […]

Starting in 2020, World of Warcraft is rejuvenated

World of Warcraft is the most well-known MMORPG developed by Blizzard. Players start an adventure in the fantasy world. On the way, they will encounter magical races such as mages and elves. This world not only has a unique economy and ecosystem, but also shows a wealth of details. A large number of tasks require […]

Developers found that losses in EVE Online became the key to fanaticism

The well-known large-scale space MMORPG EVE Online has been running smoothly for its 17th anniversary. The developer CCP Games recently conducted research on the lifespan of the game and produced some interesting findings. First of all, the massively multiplayer online space-exploration game encourages players to socialize the game by rewarding skills and knowledge is very […]

Players can still use HDD to play WoW as requirements of Shadowlands updated

Now World of Warcraft players do not need to upgrade their hardware to SSD, because Blizzard has updated the Shadowlands expansion requirements for the PC system. Many players have been playing this game since the first day after the release of World of Warcraft. So far, this game has been running smoothly for more than […]

Players need to prepare SSD as the graphical of WoW: Shadowlands upgraded

Recently, Blizzard announced the PC hardware requirements for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Official data shows that players need solid state drives to meet the minimum operating standards of the game. Shadowlands is the next expansion after the end of Battle for Azeroth, and also the eighth expansion of the MMORPG. Players welcome this kind of […]