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If you want to run dungeons in WoW Classic, you should know these

In WoW Classic, the top loot that players could get today is essentially from the Molten Core raid. However, this raid that really needs 40 players to form teams is not easy, you must do all kinds of preparations beforehand. Therefore, the role in the dungeon becomes vital, you need to run the dungeon using […]

Some interesting things happened in World of Warcraft Beta Test

World of Warcraft is the most successful MMORPG released by Blizzard. It first appeared in front of players in 2004. But the World of Warcraft we experienced was not like this at the beginning. Before the beta test, many of the mechanics and systems in the game were imperfect. The purpose of the Beta Test […]

World of Warcraft: What makes it the most successful MMORPG

When it comes to MMORPG, which game do you consider of first? According to the survey, the initial MMORPG that a lot of people imagine is World of Warcraft. Not only which is older, but furthermore, its excellent game quality and benchmarking. Many on the popular MMORPGs in the foreseeable future have borrowed from World […]

Blizzard replicates original version of WoW experience with WoW Classic

Blizzard recently announced the launch of the WoW Classic project, which will be a new game independent of modern WoW, where players can get the same gaming experience as when the game was just released. In fact, the main reason for launching the project was the willingness of many old players. Previously, Blizzard had refused […]

How to make a good first step in WoW Classic

There are three varieties of players inside the WoW Classic: you are the person who is playing the present day WoW, they would like to look for nostalgia inside WoW Classic; some have joined World of Warcraft since 2004 but have withdrawn over time. People, the production of WoW Classic must bring them a major […]

World of Warcraft Guide: Steps to unlock Mechagnomes

The World of Warcraft 8.3 patch has been officially launched, called Visions of N’Zoth. With the release of this update, players can now choose to be a cute fox or a mechanically enhanced gnome when creating a character. That’s right, now the Horde and the Alliance have acquired new alliance races, they are Vulpera and […]

Players take advantages on the bug in WoW Classic

There must be some players in WoW Classic who don’t adhere to the fair rules. They are utilizing the loopholes hanging around to get the most benefit in their own business. Recently, Blizzard announced which they found an important bug in WoW Classic that caused players to skip all hostile mobs inside the dungeon and […]

World of Warcraft awakens the memories of old players again with the Classic version

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas recently talked about his views on the WoW Classic project, including the reasons for the project’s birth, the serious challenges it will face in the future, and the importance of effective communication with players through the community. Hazzikostas itself is a user in the World of Warcraft community. As the game […]

WoW Classic Guide: Those Very Useful Recipes

In WoW Classic, recipes play a very important role. Its main function is simple. As long as you have collected all the raw materials required for this recipe, you can make specific items according to the recipe. The ingredients for making food are mainly collected and planted in the wild. When killing some large beasts, […]

Enjoy the ideal social interaction in WoW Classic

Unlike current day WoW impression, every place inside WoW Classic is alive and well, for the reason that players from your WoW Classic are interested more and contact others. You sometimes find some merchants, therefore you could easily find the much needed potions and equipment at their store. Some adventurers sticking with the same mission […]