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Name: Meri Chitrasala
About Author: is one of Delhi NCR's best Photography studio. We are specialize in Architecture & Interior Photography, Food Photography, Nature Photography, Product Photography, Hotel photography, Commercial Photography, Travel Photography and Wildlife Photography services in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

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Worm’s eye view Photography: Tips for unique Nature Photography

Worm’s eye photography is an art that has not been exploited much. It involves taking pictures of a particular place or person from the ground, getting low as much as possible. In other words it is known as world through a worm’s eyes to attain a slightly surreal angle of the world. It’s a fast […]

How Professional Photography Boost Your Sales

Professional photography is of extreme importance when you have intentions of selling a product. One cannot underestimate the power of a professional approach to photography. Meri Chitrasala provides excellent product photography in Delhi NCR to their clients. Sales are everything for a business and the amount of revenue generated determines the profits after reducing the costs that incur. […]

How Hotels can benefit from Great Photography

The hotels provide a comfortable staying place for people who love to travel. One cannot underestimate the power of promoting your hotel website with photos. Professional hotel photography creates a lasting impact on your customers and makes a great impression. The first impressions are essential as far as hotel room booking is concerned. Optimized search […]

The truth about photography gear that no one talks about

The Internet and the market have several brands of cameras and lenses. You need to be aware of plenty of false information and advice from the marketers and sellers. You cannot blindly depend on the advertisements that showcase and circulate around you. We at Meri Chitrasala facilitate our clients with professional photography services in Delhi NCR at […]

How to Use Lightroom to enhance food photography

Editing food photography needs a bit of a distinct approach when compared to other photography types. Lightroom is the go-to choice when searching for a program that is easy to use and comprises of many tools to produce great photos. The main objective revolves around keeping the food fresh and appealing to the taste buds. […]

Ways to improve your skills in Commercial photography

These days commercial photography has been trending as everything that is commercialized gets photographed. You will need to take a few tips as a professional photographer to maintain a good reputation with your clients. You will need to be relatively clear about your client’s needs. Talk to your client about every tiny detail so that […]