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How To Remove The Tips App In Windows 10?

There are many people who think that the Tips application on their Windows 10 device is of no use. If you’re one of them, then this blog is perfect for you. To know the complete method of deleting this application, go through this blog. You will get to know about different methods to uninstall the […]

How to Track User Devices on a Network

How to Track User Devices on a Network Nowadays maintaining the networks is becoming difficult because everything may not get completed automatically, you have to do it manually. For maintaining the network, you need to track the user devices on a network. To complete this procedure, you need to follow the steps mentioned in this […]

How to Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to a Computer?

How to Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to a Computer? Are your iPhone photos taking too much space? Do you want to move your precious pics to your computer to free some space for new images? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Higher resolution images can consume a lot of space […]

How to Download a Movie on your Computer or Smartphone

There is a trend in today’s world to download the latest songs and movies on the computer system or mobile device for later use. There are a lot of sites to download a movie on your gadget or system you have. Here we will provide you some of the important steps to download a movie […]

How to Download a Flash Game on your Computer

Flash games are amazing — they are present on the internet, are free to play, and super entertaining. To download a Flash game, you should have Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in your computer. Here are some methods for downloading a Flash game into your computer. To download the Flash game through Google Chrome Open the […]

How to Rotate Videos in iMovie on iOS and Mac

Majority of iOS users stream videos, movies, and TV shows in iMovie, which works as a media player program for iOS devices. iMovie has billions of users around the world; it offers great video player features to its users. Several iOS users prefer iMovie over other video players for their iPhone and iPad. The program […]

How to Troubleshoot Games Stability and Performance Issues in PC

Facing problems in playing your favorite PC games? Undoubtedly, playing games on a PC gives more freedom than a console. Along with games, thousands of other things can be done on a PC. Therefore, there could be numerous possible reasons for Game and Performance issues. As each game and system is created or built slightly […]

How to Troubleshoot DCOM Error 10016 in Windows PC

DCOM stands for “Distributed Component Object Model” and it is an essential part of the client-server communications in the Windows Operating system. DCOM paradigm facilitates the course of connecting Windows application to the internet. Whenever a program uses the DCOM infrastructure and tries to start the DCOM server without the user’s permission, DCOM error 10016 […]

How to Stop YouTube Ads?

YouTube is a popular platform for streaming videos. But, it does display a lot of advertisements. Are you bored with the ads that come on YouTube when you stream videos? Thankfully, you can block these annoying ads. In this blog, we will discuss the process of blocking YouTube ads. How to Stop YouTube Ads? Through […]

How to Recover Windows Product Key from Unbootable Hard Drive

Windows product key is essential while trying to install the Windows 10 again. You will need the Windows 10 product key for a system which will not boot. It is easy to recover the Windows product key from the unbootable hard drive. You can complete this procedure by following the instructions mentioned in this article. […]