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How Spacs Can Use Outsourcing To Drive Better Results

A SPAC is a special type of public company designed to facilitate large, fast-paced acquisitions. A SPAC, or special-purpose acquisition company, is a subsidiary of an existing shell company launched with an IPO for capitalising on growth opportunities and then exiting quickly. With the help of an experienced transaction service provider, SPACs can outsource many […]

What Are the New Trends in Private Equity Secondary Market Investing?

The private equity secondary market has been and continues to be an understated niche in financial markets. However, astute investors recognise the potential of private equity secondaries to leverage positive cash flow. The increased focus on the private equity secondary market has been particularly apparent since early 2020. One of the catalysts for this trend […]

A Definitive Guide to Debt Capital Markets

Companies employ various methods to raise capital from the market. Sometimes, firms need to raise debt for maintaining their business cash flow. In raising debt, they have to collect funds and need to pay an interest on these funds. Raising debt is different from trading equity/stocks, as the former does not involve selling a percentage […]

Four Common Communication Surveillance Challenges And How To Tackle Them

Effective communication is one of the most crucial aspects that helps to run a sustainable business. Communication surveillance entails third-party monitoring, interception, preservation and retention of vital information conveyed using various communication channels and networks. The third party could be anyone, including intelligence agencies, law enforcement, private organisation, etc. Let’s delve deeper into the four […]

How Can Debt Capital Markets Help Companies Survive The Covid-19 Crisis?

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves around the world. Many countries went into lockdowns, which affected many businesses across the globe. Many companies came to a standstill for various periods and struggled with the finances to keep the businesses running. Companies also faced access to a new form of finance due to the […]

The Four Misconceptions Associated With ESG Integration

Today’s financial world is affected by many factors not reflected in a company’s books or balance sheets. Some of these are not the usual ones and seem to have a direct correlation with market sentiment. Businesses now need to be more than just profitable. They need a high quotient of responsibility, sustainability and balance in […]