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Name: Mila williams
About Author: Hi, I’m Mila. I’m a web developer living in USA. I am a fan of technology, design, and programming. You can read my blog with a click on the button above.

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Borat Sequel is Coming Soon!

The Spy actor Sacha Baron Cohen has reprised his role Borat Sagdiyev in the sequel of the 2006 comedy film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The good news is that Cohen has already finished the filming. The 2006 film was a success for the actor as it earned […]

Best Vlogging Apps For Your Smartphone

There is no doubt that your smartphone cameras can capture good quality videos but still using a phone instead of a camera comes with a few challenges. The video content can be shaky if you are not using a tripod. But in 2020, most of our technological problems come with a solution, and all you […]

Best Surround Sound Systems

Surround sound systems play a vital role in providing the best sound quality at your home while watching a movie or listening to your favorite songs. By setting up these surround sound systems in your home can give you the same experience as a theatre in terms of sound. There are various surround sound systems […]

Best Racing Games in 2020

If we talk about the genres of games, racing games have a different impact on the fan-base as compared to all other games. These games have been played since the 90s. Nowadays, technology has become more advanced, and many upgrades have been made in the racing genre of games. It has included new real-world brands, […]

Best Templates for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of the best productivity suites for Windows and Mac. Microsoft Office templates just make it better. Office templates are preformatted documents in which you only need to add your particulars, and you can easily create impressive documents in minutes. Although Microsoft Office comes with various pre-installed templates, you can still find […]

Best Weight Loss Apps of 2020

Weight loss apps are great for those who want to lose weight. Shedding weight may take a couple of months. If you are looking for the best apps to shed your weight, here are some of the best weight loss apps of 2020. Shedding weight may be a challenge to some, but you can pay […]

Best Microsoft Word Plugins

Microsoft Word enables you to design every kind of document virtually. Plugins are a great tool to enhance your browser experience, and Microsoft Word offers its own set of plugins, also known as add-ins, for improved user experience. In the past version of Microsoft Office, the add-ins were known as Office apps. You can find […]

Best External Hard Drives of 2020

Want to back up your photos, songs, and other files on an external hard drive? Follow this article to the end. The ways of storing documents digitally are changing. The internal storage drives are increasing in size, and the cloud storage services are getting less expensive, and the USB drives that were extensively used earlier […]

Ridley Scott Reveals New Alien Film is in Process

The Blade Runner famed veteran director Ridley Scott said to the extreme delight of fans that a new film from the Aliens franchise is, in fact, in work, but he conveyed his wish not to visit the world created in the 2012 film “Prometheus” and 2017 film “Aliens: Covenant.” Many fans were wondering whether Ridley […]

See Your Android Notifications in Windows 10 Desktop

Do you often miss important calls and texts because of working on a computer? Well, not anymore. You can effortlessly get your Android notifications on your Windows 10 PC, too. Keep reading, if you want to know how? Using Windows 10’s Your Phone Feature Microsoft is trying its level best, to serve all of your […]