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Save Up for An Engagement Ring!

Well, don’t worry if your big day is approaching! Moijey Diamonds are one of the most popular black-owned jewelers in the region. We got you covered with our tips. Our tips will help you get your dream ring. Every man desires to have the best proposal planned for their partner. An engagement day should be […]

Custom-Designed Jewelry: The Perfect Way To Celebrate Black Occasions

Black love is unique in its own way. Every occasion engulfs memories to be cherished for life. Be it a birthday party, Valentine’s day celebration, Mothers’ Day, or the day when two love birds commit eternity to each other, black love is celebrated in ways indescribable!   Special occasions are truly incomplete without diamonds, and […]

Budget Planning And Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are like history that continue to live with us for eternity! It is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, however, classifying this bliss on the basis of gender wouldn’t be right, would it?   Buying diamond jewelry is more of an elating journey than just a simple buying experience. A lot of […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Customized Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, perfection gets an all-new definition! It’s not only about designs but about the emotions each design carries and conveys. Whether looking for women’s or men’s diamond rings, finding a ring that connects with your emotions is the ultimate goal.   By this, it is understood that engagement rings go […]

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling for Long

Diamonds are all about sparkling to add sparkle! The way they imbibe elegance and finesse is truly indescribable.    Being the hardest natural substance on earth, diamonds, in some way, represent eternity. In other words, we want our diamonds to sparkle forever!    Caring for your diamonds is indeed a pleasure. You need to be […]

Putting The 4C’s Of Diamond Grading Together

Diamonds are the most sought-after gemstones worldwide. The extraordinary sparkle exhibited by a diamond makes it alluring. Diamonds come in different shapes, quality and sizes. But are upskilled enough to ascertain a diamond before buying it? Moijey Diamonds knows that most buyers find it difficult to assess and determine diamond quality. Moijey Diamonds is a […]