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Importance de l’apprentissage avancé grâce à l’apprentissage en ligne

Les équipes dirigeantes ont également compris que le concept était dans une impasse, d’où seules peuvent sortir des idées innovantes. Mais bien sûr, cela ne fonctionne pas entièrement sans apprentissage, c’est clair. Avec la mise en place de la formation qualifiante, l’expert du Coaching à distance souhaite mettre à votre disposition un outil qui encourage […]

How to Choose Support Course for Children?

Whether your child is a beginner or has good knowledge, several formulas help him improve their English. From cartoon to a private lesson with webcam, how to choose an offer adapted to your level? Cartoons and English exercises by e-mail. To give a taste of English Support Course to 10-12-year- Children.  Each day, subscribers receive […]

Importance of Platform for Leaning Online Course

After decades of trying to turn learning English into a natural, stimulating, and fun activity, it is clear that schools do not always have good results. Does your child have difficulty learning English support course? The coaching process is based on interviews, according to a rhythm defined by the coachee (or the client). The first […]

The Virtual Training Platform: A Means to Support Corporate Training

In a time of drastic change, it is the students who inherit the future. Learners usually find themselves prepared to live in a world that no longer exists. This is a quote from the American writer and philosopher Eric Hoffer, who, in his 1987 writing “Vanguard Management”, explained how people who are continuously formed through […]

Online Coaching Platform – 4 Points That Make the Difference

The use of an online Coaching Platform to support the development of remote Talents continues to accelerate among companies. And this all over the world! Because it brings more flexibility and gives more autonomy to the coachees, this modality stands out as THE benchmark coaching modality. As an HR Manager, Learning Manager, or Business Manager, […]