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How can you know that COPD is getting serious?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) refers to a condition that makes it difficult for you to inhale. If you have this problem, you must be coughing frequently and finding it hard to breathe. COPD causes include smoking, occupational exposure to dust and chemicals, and inhaling fumes from fuel. Individuals who have COPD can be suffering […]

The best home solutions for treating snoring

Snoring alludes to a loud sound you produce while resting. It happens when the tissues at the rear of the throat rub against one another and vibrate. The risk factor is usually high in moderately aged or overweight individuals. It makes people experience poor sleep, stifling sensations, or fatigue the following day. At times, snoring […]

What is a multi-split air conditioning unit?

A mini-split system is an air conditioning unit that efficiently heats and cools small areas. It uses multiple blowers, making it capable of cooling different rooms in a house. In a basic system, temperature control options are provided in each room. If you are interested in knowing more about the benefits of this air conditioning […]

Which eye conditions are common in patients with OSA?

Although many people are yet to know what sleep disorders are, it doesn’t mean they aren’t already widespread. All it suggests is that the problems go undiagnosed in many patients, because of which there is a lack of awareness about sleep issues.  One such sleep problem that goes unnoticed in people is obstructive sleep apnea […]

Which is better: Central AC or window AC

The summers are here, forcing you to make decisions related to your air conditioning needs. Are you going to opt for a window AC or pick the central air conditioner to cool your home? Is the prior option that is known for efficiently cooling a room or two a better choice? Or are you going […]

Things to keep in mind when buying an air conditioner

As we enter the peak summer season, the scorching heat of the sun and the rising humidity make each day challenging. In a country like ours which experiences a tropical climate, the median temperatures are always on the rise. Because of this, investing in a quality air conditioner becomes a need. But, among the plenty […]

How to prepare for bringing your air conditioner home?

Getting an air conditioning unit to cool your home has become a necessity nowadays. But, this is easier said than done. It is so because one needs to make certain considerations to get an AC home. You have so many things that you need to take into account before settling on the type of AC. […]

What advantages make VRF systems the best solutions for offices?

When installing an HVAC system in your office, you need to consider several factors. You have to think about the number of employees, the space in which the work area is spread, and the office infrastructure (like the number of gates and whether it has glass windows) before deciding which AC will be suitable for […]

What are some possible ways of treating obstructive sleep apnea?

Sleep disorders prevent your body from catching up on a good night’s sleep. This is not ideal as lack of rest can weaken your system and slow down the functioning of your brain. For this reason, it is vital to treat sleep problems as soon as possible. Managing sleep issues can help you rest well, […]

Which is better: in-home or at-lab sleep tests for diagnosing sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a rest disorder that can result in interrupted breathing. Those with this health problem report halts in inhaling and exhaling air in the middle of the night. This condition is not ideal because obstructed breathing can mean a limited oxygen supply to the brain. Since this situation can be life-threatening, it is […]