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About Author: Mt Baker Vapor is a one-stop online shop for all of your electronic cigarette needs. They are committed to providing their customers with high-quality vaporizer and e-cigarette gear, including e-liquid, accessories, and hardware. Their focus on superior merchandise, super-fast and reliable delivery, and out-of-this-world customer support make them a trusted name in vaping. Mt Baker Vapor was founded in March of 2011 by James Thompson and Jesse Webb. The business has come a long way from their humble beginnings working out of a homemade lab in a Bellingham, WA condo. But Mt Baker Vapor still prides themselves on offering their customers high-quality vape juice at affordable prices.

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How to Resolve Vape Juice-Related Issues

In most ways, vaping is like any other activity that involves the use of a technological device. If you have a basic understanding of the device you’re using, practice consistent maintenance and upkeep of it, and use it in a responsible way, following directions, the use of that device will go a lot more smoothly. […]

Burnt Taste and Harsh Hits: How to Deal with Common Vape Issues

Regardless of someone’s reason for vaping, and there are a lot of good ones, there’s one thing no vaper ever wants to encounter—burnt-tasting hits. Even for those who aren’t flavor chasing, those not specifically there for the vape juice flavors, burnt hits will pretty much always ruin the experience. That’s why knowing how to prevent […]

4 Common Misconceptions About Vaping

Vaping is, as societal trends go, a pretty new one, only having been widely practiced since the mid-2000s. And anything new can draw controversy. Additionally, vaping also involves the inhalation of a substance, vape juice in a variety of e juice flavors, which often contain nicotine. However, controversy is not always a bad thing. It […]

Six Things You Should Know Before You Get Into Vaping

For those considering vaping, it can seem a little bit intimidating. The hardware is unfamiliar, there’s often a huge selection of both devices and juices, there are different nicotine levels… Some would-be vapers decide it’s simply not worth it. The huge majority of vapers, however, would tell you that’s a mistake. Vaping is as popular […]

Is It Necessary to Steep Commercial Vape Juice?

In case anyone reading this isn’t that familiar with steeping, here’s quick breakdown: First off, the word “steeping” is an imperfect one to describe the process. As technically, steeping is soaking something like tea, coffee grinds, or spice in (generally hot) liquid to extract flavor from it—and that’s not how vape juice is steeped. The […]

How to Optimize Your Vape Hardware and E Juice for the Best Experience Possible

People vape for a variety of reasons. Many switch over from smoking and some like chasing the biggest clouds. Then there are the vaper techies with advanced mods tweaking ohms, amperage, wattage, and temperature for the ultimate vaping experience whereas some just like the flavor and variety of vape juice available. But, whether you’re an […]

Common Newbie Vaping Mistakes to Avoid

Nobody wants to be a “newbie.” And like anything else, getting into vaping without doing any research on e cig juice or devices, or otherwise educating yourself about the basics, increases the chances that you’re going to make newbie mistakes. To be clear, everyone makes mistakes, it’s part of the learning process. But newbie mistakes […]

Proper Etiquette for Gifting Vaping Products to a Smoker

When people enjoy something or are convinced that it’s beneficial, they have a natural tendency to want to share that thing with the people they care about. It’s a nice impulse, one that comes from a good place. However, sometimes even the most well-meaning gestures can backfire if they’re misunderstood or considered judgmental or pushy. […]

Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking (That Have Nothing to Do with Health)

According to the research so far, there seems to be a pretty clear consensus about whether smoking or vaping is safer. However, a great deal of information has been published on that topic already, and it’s easy enough to look up. As such, this article isn’t going to get into that. The focus here is […]

The Benefits of Getting Your Vape Juice and Hardware Online

There’s nothing like the friendliness and community offered by a well-stocked neighborhood store. That’s certainly the case with local vape hardware and vape juice vendors. The problem is that not every neighborhood shop is like that, which can also be the case with vape gear and e juice vendors—whether they just don’t have the selection […]