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Straight Pipes vs Downpipes

If you enjoy a loud turbo for your car, then choosing whether to have a straight pipe or a downpipe is very important. A straight pipe is used for the exhaust system without a catalytic or muffler converter. It has straight lines that go from the exhaust headers to the rear. Downpipe is a tubing […]

Charge Pipe vs. Downpipe: Know How Both of Them are Different?

A turbocharged or just turbo engine has various advantages. One is that because it takes in more air, it produces more power. You can bike more quickly and efficiently thanks to the extra power. A turbo engine is also lighter and smaller than an engine that produces the same amount of power without one. However, […]

Why Should We Upgrade Downpipes

Before we talk about the downpipe upgrade first let’s talk about what the downpipe actually is? The new person who recently has bought a car may be keen to know about every part of the car and the benefits of upgrading the car features. Instead of talking about various car parts, we will talk about […]

What are Different Types of Downpipes

Mostly car lovers are on the hunt of aftermarket upgrades to ensure that their vehicles are giving a better performance. One of the major modifications that most car enthusiasts turn to is the exhaust. These exhaust systems allow the gases to move the gases out of the system more quickly. In this blog post, we […]

How Does an Upgraded Downpipe Help?

Downpipes are sections of pipes that connect the exhaust side of a turbocharger to the start of a vehicle’s exhaust system, allowing the exhaust gases to exit the engine. Downpipes also contain catalytic converters that reduce the emission of harmful gases during operation. Due to its location immediately after the turbine, the efficiency of the […]

All You Need to Know About BMW Downpipes

A BMW downpipe directs exhaust gases from your vehicle’s turbine housing to your exhaust system. The downpipe bolts directly to the turbine housing. It helps to move exhaust gases through the system as efficiently as possible. The average downpipe has at least one restrictive catalytic converter. These do a great job of cleaning up exhaust […]


You are in the right place to know about the BMW m 140i downpipe for aggressive sound and better performance. Many experts consider BMW’s B58 engine the best engine ever as it has a combination of the best attributes among the six-cylinder engines. Only the best B58 downpipes can enhance their performance further by reducing […]

What Is a Downpipe and Why Do You Need One?

If you are even a little familiar with car exhaust system parts, you might have heard about downpipes. Though, the majority of people don’t consider downpipes as part of their vehicle, but it is a vital part of your vehicle. A downpipe is a part of vehicles’ exhaust system that connects headers or the exhaust […]

Four Things to Know Before Upgrading the Downpipes for Audi

Care enthusiasts always look for aftermarket upgrades to improve the performance of their vehicles. You can find various upgrade options for your vehicle, though many of them are not meaningful. If you are looking for a meaningful upgrade to improve your car’s performance, you must invest in the downpipes. The car’s exhaust system is crucial […]


Your search for the best BMW N54 downpipes ends here. However, BMW 135i is a fantastic and easy car for daily use; its significant restrictions are the factory-catted downpipes. Since bolting it directly to the turbochargers, there is slowing of the turbo spool because of the considerable back pressure created by the factory catalytic converters. Though removing […]