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5 Major Benefits of Taking CDR Services for Australian Immigration

A CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) writing task seems daunting to many candidates. The reason is that only having expertise in your engineering profession and excellent writing skills are not enough to prepare this report. You need to do something extra like having a clear idea of the EA guidelines, its assessment criteria, the latest engineering […]

3 Major Mistakes in Writing CDR Engineers Australia

Writing a CDR Engineers Australia report is a very demanding task. The writer is not only required to have excellent writing skills, but they also need to do everything as per the EA (Engineers Australia) guidelines. Even some people who are well familiar with the EA guidelines can’t do justice to this responsibility. They are […]

7 Reasons to Hire Professional CDR Report Writers

Engineers Australia is very strict, and it doesn’t tolerate even a minor mistake in CDRs (Competency Demonstration Reports). Due to this, countless eligible engineers can’t have a positive assessment.  No matter how expert they are in their field. Contrary to this, some engineers hire professional CDR report writers and win the race. It is because […]

Why You Should See Career Episode Engineers Australia Sample

There are three career episodes that you need to submit along with your CDR. You must write all of them systematically. Deviating from the given guidelines will lead to a negative result. So, taking reference from a career episode Engineers Australia sample is a must. Doing so, you will be able to see the following […]

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional CDR Australia Writer

Hiring a professional CDR Australia writer has become a wise step to assure a positive assessment from Engineers Australia. Without it, engineering candidates find it impossible to get their reports assessed positively. However, only a guarantee of a successful result is not the reason for choosing professional CDR writers, there are also some other benefits. […]

7 Compelling Reasons for Taking CDR Services

Writing a CDR is no less than brain surgery, as it requires a lot of knowledge, skills and creativity.  Therefore, most Australian immigration engineering candidates find taking CDR services the best option. There are many benefits of doing so. However, here, we will tell you about the most compelling reasons for relying on CDR writing […]

Common Mistakes in Writing Engineers Australia Career Episode

Writing an Engineers Australia career episode is very hard. Only having good writing skills is not enough to do such a demanding task. The writer has to be careful, and they strictly have to follow a certain pattern. In short, their career episodes must be written as per the guidelines given by Engineers Australia. Therefore, […]

5 Common Mistakes in Taking CDR Report Help

  Getting  is a must to assure a successful assessment from Engineers Australia. However, there are some mistakes that engineering candidates usually do when hiring a CDR writer. Here, in this blog, we will tell you about these mistakes and how to avoid them. If you know them, then you will be able to hire […]

5 Compelling Reasons For Hiring CDR Writers Australia

Without hiring CDR writers Australia, it is virtually impossible for a candidate to have a positive assessment given by Engineers Australia. It is because the assessment criteria and the writing guidelines of EA are very strict. The assessment authority doesn’t tolerate even a minor mistake in a CDR. Therefore, the demand for professional writers who […]

7 Huge Benefits of Hiring CDR Report Writers

The major reason for the high demand for CDR report writers is that writing a CDR report for the assessment by Engineers Australia (EA) is beyond the capability of an ordinary competency report writer. The reason is that EA is very strict when it comes to assessment. The assessment authority takes the engineering work experience, […]