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Name: Myth Of Asia
About Author: Myth Of Asia is a reliable online platform that can help you reconnect with the artist in you. Just like a bathroom singer who sings for his own pleasure, you can be a diamond painter and paint for your own pleasure with the best diamond paintings from Myth Of Asia. And not just for your pleasure, you can also use these paintings for gifting and decoration purposes.  All you need to do is find the painting that suits your style and has a color scheme that matches your home decor and you can get started! Unleash the artist in you with Myth Of Asia.

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Make a Professional Diamond Painting with Ease

Are you worried and stressed about finding the right gift for your best friend? If so, then you can try to gift them something that they can use and is personalized as well. Personalized gifts are said to be the best types of gifts that you can give someone. For started you can make a […]

Diamond Painting Canvas: An Emerging Creative Activity

You might have tried a lot of activities in your free time. Just to pass your lazy days, you might have made several efforts by engaging in different activities, such as dancing, singing, painting, playing, etc. But have you ever tried diamond painting? If not, then keep reading. The diamond painting canvas is an emerging […]

Make Stunning Diamond Paintings with a Diamond Painting Kit

Doing mistakes is a part of every human’s life. That is how a human learns so many things. There is nothing to feel bad about if you made a mistake. Nobody is perfect in life, some accept their mistakes and learn from them and some do not accept their mistakes and are stuck. We know […]

Get Relief from Your Stress and Do Diamond Painting

These days, every second person is the prey of tension, agitation, and delirium. Many of us have been through this phase or facing it now. The responsibilities and competition has affected our mental health. As we all know, with our mental health gradually degrading every day, we need some solid solution to limit the degradation […]

How Diamond Painting Improves Your Stress and Anxiety Management

A Japanese artist, Hiroyuki Doi, is well-known for his monumental circle drawings, which he started as means to cope up with the death of his brother. Repetitive action and craft offer relief, provided you choose them and don’t find them too physically or mentally taxing. If you are also looking for a creative outlet to […]

Make a Professional Diamond Painting Yourself

You think you know a person really well until you have to buy a present for them. You must be able to understand this statement very well, now that you have to find a present for your best friend and you have no idea what to give. If you ask us, giving something customized always […]

Common Diamond Painting Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Raise your hand if you have made a mistake while making a diamond painting.  Before you start feeling bad about making mistakes, we want to tell you that you are not alone. Just like you, there are many other people who have made mistakes and have turned that beautiful piece of art into a complete […]

Get All your Diamond Painting Materials from Myth of Asia

Are you also looking for a new hobby or just a creative outlet to cope with all the boredom of everyday life? Diamond painting might be an excellent choice for you. It is a visually stunning art form, where you use small shiny resin stones to paint a cross-stitched format color-coded canvas. The end result […]

Make a Diamond Painting Yourself by Getting a Diamond Painting Kit

Buying a present for someone may sound the easiest work, but the reality is the exact opposite. A lot of thoughts and efforts are needed to be put in when selecting a present for you a loved one. The most common problems that people encounter during the selection of the gift are: 1. Understanding Their Taste: […]

Get Your First Diamond Painting From Online Store in Netherlands

There is peace when you get close to anything that can make you happy. According to a psychologist, it is suggested that you must engage in an activity that you like every single day to release your stress. It can be anything that you enjoy. We know this for a fact that making paintings and […]