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Understand the N95 mask and its effectiveness

A N95 mask is an often-used, short-form name for a whole-body, particulate-filter respirator, that performs the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) specified purposes of protecting individuals from hazardous exposure to particulates and other dangerous airborne substances. A N95 mask has been certified by the U.S. EPA to protect against exposure to air containing specified hazardous […]

N95 Mask – How Do They Work?

An N95 mask is a widely-used, short-name acronym for an N95 particulate filter respirator, which essentially is a basic, filter-fitted face mask respirator that fulfills the U.S. national standard for particulate air quality (PAS). The N95 masks are made to fit on all types of protective helmets and masks and are intended to protect you […]

The Benefits of Using a Disposable N95 Mask

An N95 mask is a commonly used, short-term name for an N95 face mask, which is a popular, easy-to-fit breathing respirator that responds to the air quality in which it is placed. The N95 refers to the number of times that the respirator has been tested and meets the standards set by the U.S. Environmental […]

Kn95 Face Mask – Is It For You?

What are Kn95 face masks? Kn95 masks, also called N95 masks, are called such because they filter more than 95% of all airborne particles, enough for a person to breathe without being bothered by the dust and bacteria in the air that can lead to health issues. The N95 certification is based on testing results […]

Which Face Mask is Right for you in fighting Against Covid-19

When all of us learnt about how coronavirus progressed in 2019 (COVID-19), we figured out various ways to better protect each other from it. Face masks became the most important accessory. But the question is, are we really wearing the right mask? For starters, we now can gain slight idea about a person being infected […]

N95 mask for sale- A complete package for the protection against coronavirus

The Coronavirus has affected lives dangerously. The year 2020 is unlucky for almost everyone. It has brought depression, economic slowdown and drastically increased death rates. Believe it or not, it has changed everyone’s life and made it even worse than before. We all are fighting for our survival. Don’t know what will happen the next […]


Lately, the COVID-19 has entered an unending cycle. With this rapid increase in the number of people getting infected on a daily basis, everyone has started getting worked-up on the severity of this issue. Still, people have a lot of learning to do on the same. Various international health organizations such as the Centers for […]