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A brief history of Power BI | Intellipaat

At Microsoft, where the idea for Power BI first materialized in 2006, Amir Netz oversaw the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Team. Then, the “Gemini” project took advantage of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) advantages and made them available as an in-memory engine. Project “Gemini” was later renamed “Power Pivot” in 2009. In 2012, Microsoft […]

Advantages of DS over the years | Intellipaat

Advantages of DS over the years: Using cheaper and less expensive data sources that may be gathered through a range of various means, such as social media outlets and search engines, data science aids businesses in cost reduction. By giving teams that require it customer information, data science enables the creation of a consistent customer […]

What is Azure Security Center? | The hybrid cloud approach

What is Azure Security Center? Microsoft provides all Azure subscribers with the cutting-edge, unified security management platform known as Azure Security Center. The standard offering has features like security threat blocking through access and app controls, adjustable security policies for maintaining regulatory and standards compliance, security vulnerability discovery tools and patches, and advanced threat detection […]

What makes Python so popular? | Intellipaat

Python is simple to use. Reading from a webpage, processing text, or using data formats like JSON or crunching numbers all need less lines of code in Python than they do in other languages. All of these tasks are made easier and faster with Python. Python is strong enough to be used to create reliable […]

What is Cloud Computing? Everything You Need to Know | Intellipaat

Data storage has become a priority in all industries as the number of computers and mobile users have organizations increased. Today’s large and small organizations rely on their data, and they spend a lot of money to keep it up to date. It necessitates a storage hub and solid IT support. The exorbitant expense of […]

Machine Learning Definition, Types, Applications, Trends

An example from the financial industry can better explain how machine learning works. Financial researchers, analysts, asset managers, and individual investors in the securities market have always combed through a large amount of data from various companies throughout the world in order to make profitable investment selections. However, some important information may not be extensively […]

What Is Python Used For? Industries That Can’t Do Without It

Python, unlike HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is a general-purpose coding language that may be used for other types of programming and software development besides web development. Python can be used for a range of tasks, including the development of online and mobile applications (on the server-side). Development of software and desktop applications Performing mathematical calculations […]

What Is Python? Complete Guide for 2022 – Intellipaat

Python is a popular open-source programming language with a large user base. It’s also open-source, which means you can contribute code and use other people’s libraries. Python has a wide range of applications, and skilled coders are in high demand. Here are some of the best reasons to learn Python programming. Machine learning Python is […]

The benefits and features of DevOps approaches and procedures

Several critical measures, such as automating and optimising the software development management process, can assist businesses in innovating faster. One critical DevOps strategy is to perform minimal yet regular upgrades. These modifications are often more gradual than those implemented in accordance with standard release practises. DevOps-enabled organisations deploy updates significantly more frequently than traditional software […]

How does cloud computing work? An introduction

Cloud computing is the on-demand access to computing resources—applications, servers (physical and virtual), data storage, development tools, networking capabilities, and more—hosted in a remote data center controlled by a cloud services provider over the internet (or CSP). The CSP makes these resources available for a monthly subscription fee or charges a usage fee. Cloud computing, […]