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5 Ways to Improve Response Rates of Your Marketing Campaigns

[Free Takeaway Included – 42 Affinity Audience Segments for Customer Acquisition] The average response rates, according to a study done by the Direct Marketing Association, for social media, mobile and email, all hover around at a fraction of 1 percent. Even though these rates are remarkably low, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for […]

4 Reasons you should open an Exclusive Savings Bank Account

With numerous investment options vying for your attention, are you wondering if you need a savings bank account at all to save? MyHassad Savings Account Well, exclusive savings accounts like the MyHassad account from the Ahli United Bank (AUB) offer a range of benefits and exclusive grand prizes for its customers. While saving accounts are […]

Better Interaction and Engagement with Innovative Email Marketing Strategies

[Free Takeaway Included – IP Warm-up Calculator] Email has been a tried and tested digital channel used to contact and maintain relationships with customers. It is one of the widely used channels with truly staggering figures. However, with all the talk of video, chatbots, virtual reality and modern marketing methods, it may at times feel […]

Planning for the Customer vs. Planning for Business Pressure

The Right Approach to Planning your Marketing Campaigns for Success [Free Takeaway – Implementation Guide to Plan Personalization and Omni Channel Marketing Campaigns] 90% of people are spending more time online. So, what are brands doing to capitalize on this trend and how are they planning digital campaigns to lure in their audience? While there […]