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What Is The Need Of Assay Development And Validation For Drug Discovery?

An assay is an investigative procedure. It makes a qualitative assessment of a compound. What it effectively does is – to study the effect that a compound has on biochemical or cellular targets. In the drug development process, the initial steps are to pinpoint and validate those possible drug targets that are involved in human […]

Explain the Importance Of Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry During Drug Development!

Liquid Chromatography is a technique used for sample ionization before coming to any analysis. This, when merged with Mass Spectrometry, which is essentially a technique for finding mass to charge ratio of any ion present, provides better results. This is why lc ms ms analysis is a widely recognized test for sample ionization. The Backdrop […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Randomization in Clinical Trials

Randomized trials in clinical research organisation hold high significance due to the ability to prevent experimental unfairness. The randomized clinical trials reduce evaluation variability by eliminating bias factors from the experimentation. Every individual or human volunteer participating in the clinical trial gets an equal chance of specific treatment for a particular illness or disease. Additionally, […]

Important criteria for Analytical Method Validation

The process of ensuring the fundamental efficiency and quality of pharmaceutical drugs, method validation has evolved as an essential part of drug product reliability. Although the concept of method validation is not new, the industry is embracing its features in various activities such as analytical methods. This helps in assessing the quality of drug product […]

How to Properly Carry Out an Analytical Method Transfer?

Analytical method transfer constitutes a critical step in research as it stimulates drug discovery, clinical testing, and long-term stability testing ,etc. Method transfer is achieved to document the fact that a testing laboratory has the qualification of conducting already validated analytical methods for generating GLP compliant data. Types of Analytical Method Transfer Comparative Testing The […]