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How Much Primary Care Membership is Beneficial For You

A primary care membership in Washington is more affordable than you might think! Membership-based primary care is becoming more popular as more and more people wish to deal less with insurance and being sent on a wild goose chase for their healthcare. A primary care membership in Missouri is a great health option, especially for […]

Medical Marijuana- What Is It and How Can You Benefit?

Medical marijuana comes from the marijuana plant and the chemicals within it. These substances are used to treat certain health conditions and diseases. Did you know that the marijuana plant contains more than 100 different chemicals? These are called cannabinoids and each of these has a different effect on a person. The two most common […]

An Insight to Educational Mobile App Development!

Advancements in the arena of technology have revolutionized the traditional ways of life in a lot more ways than one. Education is one such integral area, which, after being embraced by technology has completely changed the facet of how learning is delivered to the masses. Also, with the COVID-19 pandemic still disrupting the usual routine […]

Direct Primary Care and You

How many times have you gone to the doctor, whether for a cold or something more serious, and been met with a surprise bill? In today’s world, medical costs can easily get out of budget and drive families into debt, especially in the case of emergencies. What if you could pay a monthly fee and […]

What is a Membership Doctor? We Can Tell You Exactly What it is

Nowadays you can purchase yourself a membership for almost anything – car washes, razors and even coffee. So why not medical care? Well, did you know that you can actually sign up for a membership exclusively for your basic healthcare needs – right here in Missouri? It’s called Direct Primary Care, but some also refer […]

Why You Need Direct Primary Care and Where You Can Find it in Washington or Hermann, Missouri

Healthcare is expensive. Not only that, but it is common to get surprise medical bills in the mail with outrageous prices for basic medical care and procedures. Most healthcare plans are costly and do not provide the coverage you need or they have very high co pays. But there is this new amazing concept called […]

Membership-Based Primary Care for Your Family

Direct family care and membership-based primary care have seen an increase in membership interest for a good reason. As medical costs and insurance premiums rise, alternative methods of obtaining family healthcare have become more commonplace. A membership-based primary care practice for your family’s medical needs allows for accessibility, budgeting and forming a relationship with your […]

How Can Medical Marijuana Doctors Help You to Obtain Certifications

Obtaining medical marijuana certifications through your direct care physician has never been easier. Any legitimate doctor with the appropriate licensure and an interest in the benefits of treatments that include the use of medical marijuana can apply to be a part of the movement, creating accessibility for medical marijuana use. Make sure that you are […]