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How to Program NFC Tags with an iPhone

Near Field Communication or NFC technology allows the transfer of data between two devices placed close to each other. You can experience NFC technology by using programmable NFC tags integrated into stickers or wristbands. These programmable NFC tags can send data to other NFC phones. But more than conveniently sending pictures and videos to your […]

How to Use NFC Tags for Business

As more people use smartphones and other smart devices, it’s time for your business to keep up with the trend. Modern technology has enabled contactless data sharing and payments possible, especially with solutions, like near-field communication (NFC). Programmable NFC tags, can be used to trigger events or transmit data wirelessly. They facilitate data transfer between nearby NFC-capable […]

Effective Marketing with QR Codes and Programmable NFC Tags

Marketing is all about forecasting and predicting the customers’ needs and wants. You must find ways to rise above the competition using a mix of technology and proven strategies to attract your customers. If you’re looking for a tool that shows considerable potential for effective marketing, try the programmable NFC tag. The benefits of using […]

The Power of NFC Business Cards

NFC stands for ‘near field communication,’ a wireless communication protocol that is standard, in many smartphones and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. It helps facilitate contactless payments and transactions, which have become more prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic to help prevent the spread of disease. The technology has also made its way to business cards, […]