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How does the SIP option work under mutual funds?

Before under SIP, it is essential to get the basics of mutual funds right, especially if you are a newbie. They are basically investment tools which pool investment from different investors and later invest them in equities and other securities. In return, investors receive capital appreciation, also called as returns or profits. Mutual funds always […]

What are ELSS?

There are many different types of mutual funds available in the market to invest in depending on your risk profile. These include equity mutual funds, debt mutual funds, hybrid mutual funds However, there is one special type of mutual fund which is linked to income tax. This type of mutual fund is called Equity Linked […]

5 factors to consider before choosing the best mutual funds

You must have heard the instruction at the end of every mutual fund commercial, ‘mutual funds are subject to market risks.’ But for how long? The answer depends on the mutual fund scheme you choose and purpose behind it. All mutual fund policies have some risk levels associated with them. But not all lead to […]

5 ways to build a private wealth management

Private Wealth Management (PWM) is where wealth managers handle the assets of high net worth individuals (HNI). Wealth managers here build a close relationship with wealthy clients to understand their needs. They also create a portfolio that achieves their financial goals. These wealth management companies provide an array of services such as portfolio management, estate […]

Everything you need to know about SIP investments

What is SIP investment? Systematic investment plans or SIP investments are a strategy that used to invest a certain amount of money at regular intervals -weekly, monthly or quarterly. SIP investments make it easy for the investors for buying equity or debt mutual funds regularly on a particular date of month, for building a substantial […]