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Sound proofing vs Sound absorption system

Many people confuse sound proofing and sound absorption system. Sound absorption is the technique that is generally used to treat a room that has extreme amounts of medium and high level frequencies known as flutter echo and slap. Sound proofing is the technique in which sound is isolated in an area. The most popular outdoor […]

The best guide to acoustic panel design for walls

If you are looking for a way to enhance the sound quality in your office or home, an acoustic panel design for walls might be the solution. These sound absorbing panels can assist to lessen reverberation and echoes, making it simpler to hear sounds and conversations. Acoustic panels are also an excellent way to enhance […]

Transformer sound- What are the reasons and how to eradicate it

A transformer is static equipment whose main purpose is to transform power from one circuit to another. The machine has no moving components and this is why it is known as static equipment. It primarily works on the principle of mutual induction, therefore doesn’t change frequency during the process. It can be classified in different […]

Consider using fiberglass ceiling tiles for your ceiling

There are several reasons why you may want to consider using some type of fiberglass ceiling tiles in your home. Though you may just think of boring white tiles that look slightly industrial and not that beautiful, there are actually different kinds of tiles that can be used for different purposes. Nowadays, there are also […]

Looking for the best soundproofing material for your home development ideas

I have an issue, but it is not only my issue. It is an issue which is eroding the life quality as we know it, and it is known as noise pollution. There are now some cities that have banned the playing of the car stereos at levels which are audible for more than 35 […]

Reasons for introducing sound control

Are you thinking about a sound control institution in your workplace and home? Here are some situations where it might be right to do? 1. If you want to be able to play your music loudly, but concerned about annoying your neighbors, it might be worth installing sound control measures in the home. 2. If […]

What are soundproof panels and why we use them?

Commonly made from a blend of fabric and foam, the sound absorbing panels can be cut into a range of sizes and shapes and personalized to compliment the room design. The main purpose of sound absorbing materials is to remove remaining sound in any space. When installed properly in a room, these panels can diffuse […]

Things you should know about soundproof foam

One of the most versatile soundproofing materials is soundproof foam. Soundproof foam is used in marine applications to silent noisy engine rooms where there is a moist bilge to deal with. This foam is literally indestructible and when used along with mass loaded vinyl can be a very effective soundproofing system. Closed foam is frequently […]

How should you treat acoustic sound recording room?

If you want to have excellent quality of sound recording, you should know how to treat a music recording room with a soundproof studio door. You can’t just install recording system without knowing how to treat the room first. However, by having a great sound recording room, you will be able to get great sound […]

Soundproof your studio within your budget

Building a soundproof studio not necessarily has to be a hefty amount. There are several new and creative products that can be used to get professional results. It is always best while building a studio to squeeze every point you can from the STC door and materials you are using. Some of the things that […]