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Safety and health- Noise risks in the workplace

Eradication of noise is the most efficient way to prevent hazards to workers and should be considered when new equipment is bought for workplaces. Low noise equipment should be chosen whenever possible. A project manager or the equivalent person is responsible for displaying that the noise levels of that equipment have been considered as part […]

The requirement for silence in a noisy world

It is quite apparent that we are living in one extremely noisy world and it appears to be getting worse with each passing day. Everywhere we go, we are accosted by loud, undesired sound. When we enter the elevators, restaurants and malls, we are engrossed. I lately had lunch at a popular restaurant and found […]

A check-list for classroom acoustics

Finding the reasons why children are having problems with learning at a basic level can be a hard experience for guardians and parents. It is important for guardians and parents to pay sufficient attention to the environment that accommodates the classroom where their kids are being taught. Research shows that a substantial percentage of the […]

Things you should know about Inplant acoustic enclosures

Inplant acoustic enclosures are specialized structures that are used in the industry for noise control. They are actually a soundproof box or room that can be constructed near almost anywhere and are an enclosed space in which sound made within this space is lessened to everything beyond of this enclosure. Huge metal ones are frequently […]

What sound control products do you require

If you want to make your home serene, then you will want to think about the sound control products to lessen the amount of noise in your home. Here is what you have to think about: 1. You will want to establish your requirements, so that you know what type of sound you want to […]

How can I lessen road noise in my home?

Road noise is one of the most general complaints amongst homeowners in the US. In most cases, homeowners that experience issues with it will be able to restrict the impact the noise has on their emotional and physical health using noise reduction measures. Homeowners can control road noise by: 1. Creating noise barrier walls Noise […]

The reason you should soundproof your office

There is nothing more irritating than the noise that interrupts your work in the office. You try everything to maintain a peaceful working ambience still achieve no success. As you can’t shut the air entering your room, sound waves find a way to enter your workplace. You can decide to have sound absorbing panels for […]

Exterior sound blanket can muffle sound

You might know that exterior sound blanket is very mindful while relocating from one residence to another. The blankets buffer furniture from any effect that might happen during the loading and unloading process. They are also beneficial when you have a second or holiday home and leave one uninhabited for a long period of time. […]

Treating your listening ambience

Most of us that consider music is either a hobby or slightly more end up in less than perfect spaces to carry out our art. We may get stuck in a small, carpeted apartment room, an area with high traffic noise, or we may also have a small human crawling across the house whose reviews […]

Things you should know about STC rating glass

Well, your home is too close to the road and noise is an issue. These days, we have the technology to harness various aspects of these issues, for example STC rating glass. Many of the interesting old homes were built on smaller lots and when the little trail that ran past the home became wider, […]