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Trending Diamond Necklaces Of All Time

Nothing sparkles more than a diamond necklace. Diamond necklaces have been an indispensable accessory for years. It has been adorned by women every day or saved for a special occasion or date. Nokaoi Jewelers is a leading name when it comes to Jewelers in Hawaii. Each necklace is unique and beautiful to suit your personal […]

An Introduction to Engagement Ring

An Engagement Ring should be one of a kind. Finding the right piece for a partner’s finger can be daunting. We understand this and offer the best custom engagement rings. According to a study, engagement ring seekers spend nearly an average of 3.5 months to find the perfect ring. We will help you pick the […]

Best ideas for Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s day is the celebration to honor motherhood. Each country has their different, individual way of celebrating Mother’s Day. The maternal bond is above all other known relationships on this planet. It began in the 1900s by Anna Jarvis to honor all the mothers across the globe. Mothers deserve and should feel special for all […]

Know Why Diamonds are Expensive

There is nothing better than a shiny diamond, especially when it is used to create an amazing piece of jewelry. This beauty usually comes at a higher price, however. Why is a diamond so expensive? There are various factors that have pushed the price of diamonds high, including: · Equality · Difficulty in Mining · […]

Diamonds: How to Buy and Where to Buy

Diamonds are the most essential and expensive jewelry a woman can have! It cannot just make you look stunning but can also add charm to your wardrobe.  With diamonds sometimes the more you research, the more you feel like you know. Because there are so many different sources that provide conflicting information it can make […]

Get your Dream Jewelry Made with Nokaoi Jewelers

The symbol of eternal love, the perfect wedding ring was about the same age, older than any of us and still as important as ever. While the design of wedding rings is becoming more and more modern in many cases, the tradition and manifestation of the ring is as strong today as it ever was. […]

Get the Perfect Engagement Rings at Nokaoi Jewelers

Diamonds are like the best surprise gift you can give someone. Essentially diamonds are very precious and you can impress someone by them! I would prefer giving diamonds to my special someone on every special occasion. But, where to buy diamonds from will remain a question to you until you find a good diamond store. […]

Know About the Best Engagement Rings with Nokaoi Jewelers

What else can surprise your loved ones more, except a beautiful diamond ring? Diamonds are just the perfect way to make someone happy! And thus the best diamond seller of USA, aka Nokaoi Jewelers bring you the importance of the engagement rings in the 2020 – Symbol of Love – Diamonds have been a universal […]