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What Makes a Good Nail Studio?

The US nail salon market is estimated to be worth more than $50 billion, which may come as a surprise to you. The idea is taking on swiftly in countries like India where high-end manicure salons are developing in major cities. Additionally, it is commonly noted that during the wedding season, business grows as many […]

How to Choose a Quality Nail Salon

There are several varieties of nail extensions you could buy. The most well-known include Acrylics, Hard Gel, Dip Powder, Acrygel/ Polygel Express Nails/GelX, BIAB, Fiber Glass and Silk Wrap. Maintaining nail art extensions is recommended every two weeks because of the speed of natural growth of the nail. ACRYLICS Liquid and Powder Enhancement Acrylic is […]

Things to Know About Nail Extensions

First of all, don’t just go anywhere to have nail extensions. Visit a reputable nail salon to have nails extensions done by an expert nail technician. Have fun getting your beautiful nails, but be aware of new trends as well as the consequences for Nail Art Extensions. Below are the 6 facts to know about […]

Wedding Nails Design to Endure

The dress, the veil and the venue are all in your possession. Now you need the partner. What kind of manicure should you do? Some brides prefer floral nail art, while others prefer glittery. You can also try other bridal nail designs that will work well for your big day. No matter what type of […]

Range of Nail Arts to Choose From

Well, this is true to toenail care and also nail art. The even more you look after it, the better your hands really feel as well as look as well as the even more assembled becomes your appearance. Can you envision the big amount of effort reasoning, creating layouts, and executing it, producing an enduring […]

Benefits of Sculpted Nail Extensions

Sculpted nails are the ideal option to create an assortment of custom-designed nail extensions. The sculpting process is a sophisticated nail extension technique that uses Acrylic and Gel products that are designed to fit the shape of your natural nails. In the process of sculpting instead of the use of a plastic tip that is […]

How to Choose the Best Nail Art Salon?

Selecting the best nail salon is a little investigation on your part. Before you shell out your hard-earned money, must make sure it’s a reliable salon and also that it is rated highly on other factors. This is what you should be looking at when searching for a reputable nail salon in your area. Services […]

Variety of Nail Arts to Choose From

Well, this holds true to nail care and nail art. The more you take care of it, the better your hands feel and look and the more put together becomes your look. Can you imagine the large amount of effort thinking, creating designs, and executing it, creating a lasting impact how it feels? Before we […]

Factors to look in a Good Nail Studio

You may be surprised to know that nail salon industry is worth more than $50 billion in the US. The trend is fast catching up in countries like India where high-quality nail salons are coming in metropolitan cities. Also, it is often seen that the business picks up in marriage season as a lot of […]

Nails Art a Revolution for the Beauty Industry

Having beautiful nails is now no more dream for any woman, with the Nail art trend that started in 2010 and now it has become one of the most popular fashion statements. This art is popular among teenagers mostly, but now the craze of nail art is among any age or class and it has […]