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Design Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is an ideal and affordable marketing strategy for small businesses that want to quickly build a customer base and yield profits with minimal investment. But before you can get people to click on your messages, you must capture their attention. Design plays a critical role in marketing success, so keep the following email […]

Increase Accessibility in Email Marketing

What constitutes an accessible email? To meet basic accessibility requirements, an email message must: Use a descriptive subject line Use heading elements in code Maintain a logical reading order Include enough contrast between text and background colours Provide text alternatives for images Feature meaningful link text Keep your code concise For many years, the internet […]

Managing Your Employees When They Work from Home

Marketing is a challenging and rewarding career. Clients place their faith, confidence, and money within you and your firm’s control. Marketing design is critical to success. All your employees must be actively engaged in the pursuit of marketing success for all your clients. Marketing communication begins internally with your staff before any effective communication can […]

How to Communicate with Your Clients Remotely

Working from home and remotely from the office has been trending for a few years now.  Enter the coronavirus pandemic.  The need for remote work is now not a trend, but a safety issue for many people and businesses today.  The traditional workplace has now shifted, almost overnight, to an overwhelming trend of working remotely […]

How Do You Know When It’s Best to Rebrand Your Business?

There is no doubt that it can be very difficult to know just exactly when it’s best to rebrand your business.  However, it is a given that every business will have to redefine and rebrand itself at some point in its existence.  Business branding is not something that is optional or just a minor facet […]

The Importance Of Well-Designed Email Marketing

Why are EDMs, or email marketing, so popular for getting your message across? It’s because as consumers, we are more and more time-poor. We hardly have time to sit around and read an email full of tips, tricks and methods that are proven to increase your ROI or see any results through marketing techniques. The reason […]

The Best Effective Way To Campaign And Retarget FaceBook Ads

You’re probably sitting at your desk thinking, how do I increase more traffic to my website or Facebook page? Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s easier than you think! Firstly, you need to understand what type of ads work for you and what types don’t. What draws your customers in and what turns […]

Difference between In-House and Agency Content Marketing

There are three (3) major differences between in-house and agency content marketing.  Those differences are time usage, expertise and cost. Each difference will be examined individually although, in the real world, they are completely intertwined aspects of content marketing. Time Usage You are a business owner considering doing content marketing on an in-house basis.  Creation […]

What Turns Potential Customers Away from a Website?

Websites need to be designed to attract potential customers – not to turn them away. However, there are some factors that can cause customers to drop off from a website soon after visiting it. You need to make sure that any potential customer coming to your website gets what they want and you can easily […]

How to Turn Web Traffic Into Conversions

Web traffic is important for gauging the performance of a website. However, if you are not making conversions then this web traffic, it’s no use to you. The aim of a business website isn’t just simply to expose its products. You want to turn the people visiting the website into buying customers as this helps […]