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Name: Olivia Jones
About Author: I am working as an IT professional and holds a very good experience in the same field.

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A Complete Guide to QR Codes

The advancement of technology is changing traditional business methods. Whether it is a business model, working device or payment methods, technology is always there to smoothen the process and support the whole working culture by its productivity, rapidity and effective output generation. QR codes are one of the tools from the wide-spread family of technology. […]

Top 3 Smart Home Items Seen At CES 2019

It has been observed that the Consumer Electronic Association 2019 was full of smart home items. In this blog, we will talk about some of the leading smart home items that have been seen at CES this year. Voice Assistant-smart switches It is worth noting that many items that were seen on the CES were […]

Best iPhone Apps for Note-Taking to Organize Notes

The phone is not just a handheld device today, and it has become an escort to remind the birthdays of loved ones, to get you up in the morning, to organize the day-to-day schedule, even to help you to make notes with handy features. It is not possible and practical to have a pen and […]

Best iPhone Apps for Voice-to-Text Transcription

In the IT way of life, people try to be smart. In the same direction, you would not like to write an essay or business/ commercial proposal as it will take much time. But in the smart way of living, you would attempt to write it by using the smart method. This smart way includes […]

Looking up your Accounts and Passwords on an iPhone or iPad!

Everyone knows that password security plays a vital role in our life. And that both iPhone and iPad can save the passwords for you. That implies you can watch them at a moment’s notice, which is highly convenient. But to know about the method of checking up on the password iOS has saved, you need […]

Leading Websites For Searching Song Lyrics

Many of the times it has been observed that people throughout the whole day in their free time keep murmuring the songs that they like the most. For instance,  while walking or having a bath. But the most embarrassing part is that when they sing parts of lyrics wrong in front of others. To avoid […]

Tricks to Fix Your Hardware Settings Have Changed on Windows 10

Whenever you updated the graphics card software or performed any actions on Windows 10 computer system, a message will pop-up on your screen and signifies that ‘Your Hardware Settings Have Changed Windows 10. Please reboot your computer for the changes to take effects.’ Generally, these types of issues occurred by AMD graphic card users. However, […]

Best Video Editing Apps to Shoot This Festive Season

In the festive season like Christmas and New Year’ Eve, everyone has memorable moments of their life that they spend with their family and friends. These moments can be kept alive forever by means of creating videos or photos at that point in time. You can edit this video later to beautify it much more […]

How to Fix Steam Disk Write or Read Error on Windows 10?

The steam platform is software which is dedicated to the video games that users can download, install, update and also play a variety of games by easily communicate with your fellow gamers by using the voice chat. Though it is one of the best and leading game platforms around the world, still, it does not […]

How to Fix Windows 10 Taskeng Error?

Generally, Taskeng error usually stands for the Task Scheduler Engine, or it is also a part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Task Scheduler Engine allows the users to make a schedule of when to open the programs and scripts. However, the time might be predetermined or set as an interval. Thus, the Taskeng.exe […]