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A short overview of the state of cricket NFTs among the fans.

Play to rank games- the new entry in blockchain games.

  We are aware of the fact that play-to-earn games got the attention of the gaming community recently. The popularity of crypto kitties and Axie infinity brought a bunch of that gave people not only fun and entertainment through games but also an opportunity to earn money through them. Long gone are the days when only […]

The significance of Non-Fungible Tokens in the Sports Industry.

  Even if you are not into techs, you must have known about the non-fungible tokens or NFTs, at least from a famous celebrity or from your favourite brand. NFTs are so popular today that they have invaded every industry and every nook and corner of the world. If there is a sector that hasn’t […]

The global hype on Cricket NFTs and cricket NFT games

The Term Non-Fungible tokens have been getting the hype ever since it came out. Especially in the sports industry, fans are intrigued by the idea of owning their favorite moments in the game or even playing cards in the form of NFTs. NBA Topshot or NFL all day, and more are now the leading platforms […]

How Cricket NFT Platforms are exploring the Metaverse

With technology evolving as it is, the dystopian metaverse may soon have what it needs to exist outside science fiction. Especially with Mark Zuckerberg setting his sights on bringing the metaverse to life, the concept has been gaining widespread attention in recent times. What is the Metaverse? To put it simply, the metaverse is a […]

What an NFT community can do for you

  From time immemorial, human beings have yearned for connection. We cannot function outside of society and to do so could have proven fatal for the first people to walk the planet. It goes without saying that we need to be inextricably connected to our fellow humans. Enter the internet. Yes, it has been criticised […]

How is the Digital Economy embracing Blockchain and NFTs

Ever since the introduction of internet, there has been a lot of technological advancement. It has brought together a digital economy where everything is carried out online with the help of internet. Today, the concept of blockchain and NFTs are making a huge change with cryptocurrency and NFT trading platforms. They are now contributing a […]

Collectibles to Non-Fungible Tokens, the changeover you should look into!

With technological advancements, every sector is changing accordingly. Today, people go to social media to know about anything. They rely on influencers who come with honest reviews and quality content. Since the world is getting digital, the introduction of Non-Fungible tokens has been the key to the creator economy now. NFT trading platforms are the […]

Non-Fungible Tokens with Uses cases- overcoming just image trend.

Non-Fungible Tokens are now well known even to people who are not tech geeks. The popularity of NFTs is getting hyped up that they are known to even in the nooks and corners of the globe. NFTs with Utilities became popular with NFT gaming platforms. Yet, there were NFT collections that broke the comment that […]

The Ethereum merge and the energy issues of NFTs!

When you say blockchain, the first thing that strikes will be Ethereum. Through Bitcoin’s blockchain came way before it, Ethereum has widespread popularity. Despite its popularity, it is also blamed for its slow and expensive transactions. Ethereum was the first ever blockchain to come up with the concept of Non-Fungible tokens, and no wonder that […]