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About Author: Owen & Associates Law is a leading law firm that works with experienced family law lawyers Barrie.The law firm works with lawyers who are dedicated, educated, passionate, and know how to handle legal matters. The legal services offered by Owen & Associates Law include real estate, family law, estates, general litigation& small claims, will & power of attorney, and estates.

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Owen & Associates Law: The Best Law Firm to Hire Family Attorneys

Family issues are traumatizing and excruciating. Various family issues like separation, legal distribution of property, alimony and post-separation, child custody issues etc. need a lot of attention and involves hampering the emotions of the people connected with it. Family law lawyers Barrie deals with cases that relate to family issues such as domestic violence or […]

Owen & Associates Law: Offering Practical and Sensible Legal Approach

Have you decided to divorce your partner because the differences don’t seem to resolve? If yes, you must know one thing that divorce is not the end of your life instead it is a chance to begin fresh. And to begin fresh you will need to go through the divorce process. This process will involve […]

Looking for a Divorce Lawyer? Read This

Are you going through your divorce and are looking for a trusted divorce lawyer Barrie to present your case? If yes, remember that you don’t have to hire the first lawyer you meet. That’s right. Divorce is a complex legal process and it takes time to get settled. However, if you start working with a lawyer who […]

Hire the Best Divorce Lawyers for Quick Case Resolution

Your marriage is one of the most pious and pure bonds of your life. A happy marriage can help you go through all the ups and downs of life with ease. But, if you are not happy with your partner, you should look for alternatives. If you are facing issues such as infidelity, domestic violence, […]

Hire a Divorce Lawyer to Settle Things Legally and Gracefully

Marriage is beautiful. It is one of the most amazing things anyone can enter into. Marriage has said to not just tie two people in a holy union, but it ties two souls. Two people are on the top of the world when they get married and even happier when they are blessed with a […]

Owen & Associates Law: Offering Professional and Experienced Divorce Lawyers

If you are going through a divorce, then we understand that it has been an emotionally overwhelming time tackling your life and other crucial areas. During this time, it is also important that you don’t neglect the legal requirements for acquiring a smooth process for divorce. You can ensure that by hiring the best divorce lawyer […]

Know Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Getting separated from someone you have spent years with is a tough, complicated, and challenging process. Therefore, it becomes very important that you hire the best lawyer for the work. But there are people who think that they can handle their divorce case on their own and they do not need any legal help. However, […]