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5 Methods to Follow Make Accounting Easy for Your Small Business

Many small business owners are struggling to manage their accounting at the beginning of their business. As a result, it can cause unnecessary issues and restrictions that can slow down your whole business and prevent your business growth. Here are five tips that can help to solve your accounting problems… 1. Double-Check All Records to […]

How to Choose the Right Data Warehouse? Contact a Data Warehouse Consulting Partner!

The primary object of every BI strategy for modern businesses is to make data-driven decisions. Organizations that ignore this strategy cannot make sufficient and reliable business decisions quickly and are in genuine need of data analytics to make important enterprise decisions. However, there is a challenge that resides with all businesses; how can organizations assemble […]

Take Your Business Anywhere With IBM Cognos Mobile- Join Cognos Training!

Today, anyone from a toddler to an elder interacts with the internet in some way or another, and mobile devices are the popular means of access. Technology advancement in the form of smartphones and tablets has considerably changed the manner people handle their daily lives, both in business and personal scenarios. Because of this communal […]

4 Industries Implementing Predictive Analytics Consulting Successfully, but How?

Undoubtedly, data is ruling in the business world. The right data in the hands of the right user can turn events upside down; help companies to realize the need of their consumers, discover their weaknesses, find out wasted areas that require multiple efforts and build predictive models to analyze the present to anticipated future. Predictive […]

Thermal Food Delivery Bags Buying Tips

Thermal food delivery bags sustain food’s heat while regulating moisture. By maintaining moisture inside, these thermal bags help to preserve freshness. They are crucial to receiving perfect and hot pizzas, food pans, and deli trays to their address. These thermal bags carry the liquids like cans of beer or soda to any occasion. The Uses […]

Digital Transformation with IoT Devices – Data Integration Consultants

IoT devices have marked a drastic shift in the last few years and have evolved from consumer products to a core of the next-gen IT environment for all types of businesses. These devices are inexpensive, easy to access, setup and monitor with a lot more facilities; hence, customers find IoT devices like Fitbit, home sensors, […]

Cognos Training –Upgrade to New Cognos Analytics 11.1.3

If you are an authorized Cognos user and looking for an option to upgrade your BI system, the new IBM Cognos Analytics or Planning Analytics is well worth considering. Cognos BI have recently changed their name to Cognos Analytics and TM1 to Planning Analytics. If you are new to IBM Cognos and it’s add-on features […]

Reduce Technical Debts in IT Environment with Data Integration Consultants

Whenever you design, install or implement any new process, tool or system in your IT environment, you go through a technical debt, so an efficient connection should provide durable support and maintenance to the element. In the comprehensive IT infrastructure, numbers of connections, components, interfaces, applications, and installations take place in the company, which adds […]

Let’s Know Some Facts About Short-term Rental in London

What is Short-term Rental? If you are living in London, then you are familiar with the word “short-term rental” or “Short let”. It is a residential tenancy with less than 6 months’ duration and includes internet, utilities, and other appliances as part of the rent. If you want to add your property on Airbnb or […]

NobleSpirit, Together with (SMI) Stamp Market Index, Discover New Generation Of Collectors on eBay

NobleSpirit, a leading dealer of asset class stamps, coins and collectibles on eBay, this morning announced new information emerging from its recently introduced data analysis tool Stamp Market Index (SMI), powered by eBay. The new data suggests that many previously help concepts regarding traditional collector demographics are now being challenged by a new younger and […]