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What defines an exit device? And the difference between Fire exit hardware and panic hardware

Generally speaking, an exit device is a term used for panic hardware, whether a panic device or fire exit hardware. It is characterized by an actuating mechanism that spans at least half the width of the door. It may be of the touchpad, crossbar, or recessed style. Note, that In order to be considered code-compliant, […]

What supply or specific hardware is needed for an assisted living unit? Which lock functions are required and preferred?

In a means of egress, most doors are required to unlatch with one Single Operation for egress. However, for many residential occupancies, there is an exception to this requirement, in the International Building Code (IBC) & NFPA 101 – The Life Safety Code for dwelling units and sleeping units (AKA guest rooms and individual living […]

A Complete Guide, to Understanding the different Lock Functions, which are best suited for Classroom Uses.

The “Classroom” Lock Function The Classroom Function has typically been widely accepted for uses within Classrooms (Function: ANSI mortise F05/bored F84). In “Classroom function”, the doors are only locked from the outside with a key (from the hallway). Usually, in the mornings a Class or staff member would unlock the doors and will put it […]

Commercial Door Locks Types To Secure Your House

Your home’s security is tensionless with door locks. How your door locks prove to be your security controller? Have your door lock guaranteed to protect it from bulgers. Whether it’s a house or business, talking about security, The first thing that clicks on mind is high-tech cameras but, the common and best way to ensure […]

Step by Step, how to install a Knob Set in place of a Mortise Lock. Changing a Mortise lock to a Knob Set

Mortise locks remain a common way to secure a home, although it may have somewhat wavered in popularity recently. However, the newer cylindrical type of lock set has become a preferred choice for many homeowners because it doesn’t require such a large pocket in a door. If you’re changing from a mortise lock to a […]

List Of Top Front Door Locks From Best Brands

Yale 4604LN Grade 2 Entry Lock Yale locksets are one of the trusted and top rated door locks in the industry. Its 4604LN Grade 2 Entry Lock is used for front doors. They key feature which makes this door locks best is its Deadlocking latchbolt & its price i.e. $63. You can choose the door […]

Best Selling Door Hardware Products

Looking for some top-selling door hardware items? Don’t worry we got your back. As we know that the eCommerce industry is growing very fast, & thus it’s become very hard to find the best-selling door hardware products from top brands. Though there are millions of products that are being sold online, our list will comprise […]

Expert Recommended Door Locks

Whether you are a small business owner or if you’d like to improve the quality of your home security, you cannot overlook the importance of your door’s locking system. Here are some residential and commercial door hardware recommendation from our experts: Our Residential Door Lock Recommendations Earlier we outlined a few tips for choosing door […]

Top door lock brand to trust on

When it comes to home security door lock brands matter a lot. If you go for the best door for your house and selecting cheap door locks, then it’s a waste of money. Below mentioned are the top door lock brand you can trust on. Yale Yale is one of the most prominent and respected […]

How to Choose the Best Door Locks for Your Home & Business

Is your front door secure? Door locks are your first line of defense against home and business intruders. But with countless options available on the market, you might not know where to begin your search. As professional locksmiths, we have spent decades working with multiple door locks and want to share some of our knowledge […]