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About Author: Park Avenue Locks is a leading door hardware distributer in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and surrounding locations with a large inventory of architectural hardware. We are renowned for our outstanding customer service and quick delivery. Because time and every detail count, our devoted staff will ensure that your order is filled accurately and on time; within your budget. We currently stock many hardware items including: hinges, mortise locks, lever locks, door closers etc. We are a stocking distributor with more than a decade of experience throughout the New York metro area. PARK AVENUE LOCKS has the resources to deliver the necessary hardware the way you want it and at the price you want it.

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Some Important Things To Consider When Installing a Smart Lock

Smart locks offer great security for your home, office, or any place you want to install them. In our previous article, we introduced you to smart locks and their features, you can check them out. In this article, we will discuss some important things to consider while installing a smart lock. Installing smart locks is […]

What is Smart Lock? Why Install It?

The world is going smart, people choose digital stuff over traditional one. Some years back it was weird to even think about whether we could switch on and switch off lights via our mobile phones. We cannot imagine how revolutionary technology will be in the future. So, when everything is changing and going digital, why […]

How to Choose Door Locks For Your Office? A Complete Guide

Do you want to give your office a new look? Are you planning to update some parts of your office to provide a fresh look? You may not pay attention to it, but updating the door locks of your office will give it a stunning look. Pandemic has made people work remotely, and because of […]

3 Types of Door Locks To Choose From For Front Door Entry

When you are planning for a new home, one of the major priorities has to be the safety and the security of your house. For any space, door locks must be the first and foremost protection against any trespasser that may want to invade your house. Though there are a number of security locks to […]

How to Choose Residential Locks for Your Home

When choosing the right lock for your home, you need to be very careful as a slight overlooking may cause you fortunes. The security of your home depends highly upon the type of front door lock that you choose for your home. But, there are a number of locks available in the market to choose […]

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Locking System For Your Office?

When it comes to security, it is important everywhere. Whether you are looking to find something for your office or your home. Choosing the right door lock for your home or office can be very important as you would want to keep all your vital belongings safe and secure. Just like how you would invest […]

Should you Upgrade to Smart Locks For Better Security?

Offering keyless entry to the home, a smart door lock lets you see who’s coming and going via a smartphone, giving you ultimate control over your home’s security. High-quality smart locks on the market allow homeowners to grant virtual guest keys to ensure that all trusted family members or friends can access their property. Smart […]

What Are The Different Types of Locks Available for Application

Security locks are very important to ensure security in different places. These systems are not only useful in homes or shops, but are also essential for the operation of different types of machines, such as safes, shopping carts, lockers, etc. Depending on the device or they will be used, different types of locks will be […]

Why Should You Choose Continuous Hinges?

Mortise Continuous hinges are made from a variety of materials and materials including aluminium, stainless steel and steel. They are specifically designed to withstand heavy wear and harsh environmental conditions. There are many applications that require a continuous hinge to support a large amount of weight other than simply mounting on a piano to hold […]

Tips on Choose the Best Electric Strikes

  Electric door strikes are an essential component of door access control solutions. The latest technology is a wireless electric strike that offers Wi-Fi connectivity integrated into the access control system, reducing installation labour, time and materials for the security professional. With so many electric strikes on the market today, identifying the right solution can […]