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How to Budget for the Costs of an Engagement Ring

You’ve found the person you want to spend your life with, you are planning to propose, and now you need the perfect ring. That brings the question of how much to spend and how to afford such an extravagant gift.  Stay tuned for our best advice on budgeting for your diamond engagement ring! An old […]

What Is The Difference Between Diamond Pave Setting And Micro Pave Setting?

The main difference between paving and micro pave is as it says…one is done by an expert jeweler using the naked eye with some tools only as versus the micro pave that is done by an expert jeweler that is trained to work with a microscope, the closest analogy is from the medical field where […]

Can a diamond fall out of a ring?

It is quite common for diamonds to fall out of a ring. We use our hands for basically every activity. We advise that you take off your ring during activities. Not only can you damage the diamond, but you could also damage the setting. There is so much more to a diamond ring than meets […]

How To Clean A Diamond Ring In 3 Easy Steps?

Your diamond ring goes everywhere with you and can accumulate a lot of dirt and strange particles, which can make your ring look old and dull. More importantly, it can accumulate bacteria, which can cause skin irritations. Cleaning your diamond ring is a must. Here we explain to you in 3 easy steps how you can clean […]

How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real?

An expert would tell if a diamond is real by looking at the diamond with a Loupe, a small magnifying glass used in the jewelry industry. However, don’t worry if you are not an expert or have one in your close circle. There are different ways you can verify the authenticity of a diamond by […]

Build Your Ring

When you buy your ring, it does not matter if it is for engagement, anniversary, or any reason. You want to be and feel unique and special. One of the best ways to feel unique is to build your own ring. There are two ways to build a ring: The first way is to buy […]

10 Stylish Engagement Diamond Rings

Everyone has their own unique style. When looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, we suggest choosing a setting that appeals to you and customizing it with a brilliant diamond. Sounds easy, but it can be quite a difficult task. We have listed 10 stylish diamond engagement rings, to help you choose the right one for […]

What Is The Best Metal For A Diamond Ring?

There are quite a few different metals to choose from and this can make the process of purchasing a diamond ring quite overwhelming. To avoid confusion, here we discuss different metals and their pros and cons, which may help you to decide on which metal is the best option for you or that special someone. Yellow gold […]

How To Shop For Diamond Engagement Rings?

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be an intimidating task. Additionally, it costs a good chunk money, so choosing the right one for you or your partner can be daunting. Purchasing a diamond engagement ring is nothing like any other purchase you’ve made. There are countless variables that affect beauty, quality and cost. If you´re thinking about […]

Which Diamond Cut Has The Most Sparkle?

One of the reasons people like diamonds so much is, of course, sparkle. A rock that dazzles, catches the eye and adds a luxurious touch to any outfit or setting. When light hits a diamond, it reflects through the myriad of facets to emit an eye-catching sparkle. But not all diamonds are created equal. So, […]