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Name: Penn Oaks Golf Club
About Author: Penn Oaks Golf Course is an ideal place to hold your wedding and reception. They offer rounds of golfs to people who are not members in many of the circumstances. With Historical grounds, picturesque trees and lovely greens spanning across the countryside will be the perfect backdrop for your special day.

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Hardest Golf Clubs to Use

Although many golfers tend to be good at one or two aspects of their game, it is rare to find a golfer who excels with all clubs in their bag. Here at Penn Oaks Golf Club, we also have difficulties with particular clubs. Here are our choices for the hardest clubs to use. The Sand Wedge Bunkers […]

Guide for Purchasing Golf Balls

Before you come into Penn Oaks Golf Club with a new set of golf balls that you think may elevate your game, you might be interested in hearing what we have to say on this topic. Here are some tips to consider when you are purchasing new golf balls. Look at the Construction The construction of the ball […]

5 Types of Golfing Personalities

If you are hoping to get some good golfing in while in the state of Pennsylvania, you may have heard of Penn Oaks Golf Club. Keeping this in mind, we see lots of golfers here at our club. Here are 5 common golfing personalities that we have seen. 1. The Passionate The passionate is the type […]

5 Golf Etiquette Rules

When you want to get good at golf, there are various etiquette rules that you should follow if you want to take this game seriously. Below, the folks from Penn Oaks Golf Club have prepared you with 5 common golf etiquette rules for you to reference. 1. Respect Tee Time When you are given a tee time, […]

How to Tour Penn Oaks Before Becoming a Member

While you are searching around the many different Chester County golf courses that exist, you might be interested in seeing them for yourself first. This is completely understandable. Below, we will cover some basic things to know about Penn Oaks Golf Club, and how you can tour our golf course before paying for membership. Why […]

All the Parts of Your Wedding Penn Oaks Golf Club Can Host

When you are searching for wedding venues in Chester County PA, you will often be concerned with how quality of a venue that you will receive. Here at Penn Oaks Golf Club, we can host all the major parts of your wedding. Below, we will cover all the aspects of our services for your wedding. […]

How to Golf for Cheap: 5 Tips to Consider

If you go and golf for as cheap as possible, you will still have plenty of options to consider. Here at Penn Oaks Golf Club, we like to get out every now and then and explore new courses and ways of practicing our game. Below, we have prepared 5 tips to consider while trying to […]

5 Things You Need at Your Next Private Party

If you are hosting a party in the near future, then you should plan carefully to ensure that it ends up being a success. As people who host private parties all the time, the folks from Penn Oaks Golf Club have come up with five things that you need at your next private party to […]

5 Reasons Penn Oaks Golf Club Can Replace Your Need for a Wedding Coordinator

Many of the folks searching for a wedding venue Chester County PA are using a wedding coordinator to help them sift through their options. In addition, a wedding coordinator can be very helpful while planning minor details. Below, we will describe why you should skip hiring a wedding coordinator and simply work with us here […]

Why You Need to Spend More Time on the Driving Range

One of the reasons that people will visit golf courses in Chester County PA is due to the nice driving ranges that are present. At courses like Penn Oaks Golf Club, we find lots of great facilities for practicing, including driving ranges. If you have been looking for some reasons to spend more time at […]