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About Author: Performance Pain & Sports Medicine is a US based clinic that provides world-class treatment using advanced medical technology to cure problems related to neck, back, knee, etc.

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5 Ways Chronic Pain Impacts Your Job Performance

If you are searching for a pain doctor Houston , you might not be performing well at work because of complications due to chronic pain. In reality, there are many ways that chronic pain can impact your performance. Let’s go ahead and look at some of the most common ways that your job performance can […]

How You Can Ensure a Pain Intervention Will Work

If you are going in for your first-ever pain intervention at a pain clinic Houston, you might be a little concerned. Specifically, that it will work as expected and that you won’t end up wasting your money. Below, the folks from Performance Pain Houston have prepared some steps to help you ensure that your pain […]

How to Gauge Your Pain Level From Home

People who are seeking Houston pain management doctors should consider gauging their level of pain from home before coming in for pain intervention. This will often help kick-start the process of treatment by giving the doctor some good information to start with. Let’s go ahead and cover how you can gauge your level of pain […]

How to Care for a Family Member with Chronic Pain

If you have chronic pain and need to see one of the back pain doctors Houston, then you might be concerned with how you can take care of them. The good news is that this is pretty easy for you to do as a loved one. Below, the folks from Performance Pain Houston have some […]

When Chronic Pain Should be Seen as an Emergency

While you are searching for pain management Houston TX, you might be curious as to whether your condition is an emergency or not. Although chronic pain can be a huge hassle to live with, it is not always an emergency per-say. Certain factors come into play while you are deciding how severe and urgent your […]

Steps to Take If You think You Have Chronic Pain

Before you go over to the ICU or a spine doctor Houston due to a minor level of pain that you are dealing with, it’s important to first take some steps from home. Before you assume that the issue is chronic pain and head over to the doctor, the following steps might help you save […]

Instances Where Chronic Pain is Manageable Without Treatment

When you have chronic pain, you might not want to jump and start searching around for pain management clinics Houston right away. Realistically, there are many cases where chronic pain is manageable without treatment. Below, the folks from Performance Pain Houston have listed some instances where your chronic pain will be manageable on your own […]

Do You Need Professional Treatment for an Ankle Sprain?

Before you search around for the best pain doctor Houston for treating an ankle sprain, you might be most concerned with whether or not you need professional treatment for your injury. This is a complicated question to answer, so the people from Performance Pain have prepared some tips for you to reference while deciding what […]

Will Chronic Pain Go Away Without Treatment?

People trying to find back pain doctors Houston will often have a difficult time handling the situation on their own. This frustration may end up leaving you wondering whether or not the pain will ever go away. Below, the people from Performance Pain have prepared all that you need to know on this topic! Chronic […]

What to Do When Pain Causes Depression

Before you start seeking out a spine doctor Houston, you might be drawn to doing so because of depression. This is very understandable as chronic pain can be impactful on your entire life. In addition to pain, having depression to come along with it is awful. Below, the folks from Performance Pain have some tips […]