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Posiflex| best POS machine in India | Billing machine

Posiflex is known for being the best POS machine in India. They have helped customers and sales executives with a simple process. POS terminals and machines by Posiflex have helped customers keep track of their transactions with ease due to their accessibility, thereby enabling fast operation. They are the first choice for the retail, hospitality, […]

Thermal Printer for Billing | Speed Up Business Processes | Posiflex

Are you looking for a printer to make your business processes faster and easier? Posiflex thermal printer for billing is designed to suit all your printing needs. Posiflex PP9000 is the best thermal printer in the market, with high-end wireless connectivity technology and remarkable speed. It can perform up to 300 MM/SEC speed, making it […]

Posiflex | POS printer India | Quicker Printing Process

Are you looking for a printer to make the entire process quick and easy? Then Posiflex can be the right option for you. The Posiflex thermal printer has remarkable speed that ensures taking prints at a faster rate without compromising the quality of the material. The overall printing process would be smooth and the resulting […]

Best Thermal Printer In India | Right Product For The Best Price

Thermal printers offer so many advantages that it’s intelligible why large-scale retailers have already changed to highly steadfast, extraordinarily efficient, and cost-effective thermal printers. Posiflex has the best thermal printer in India, which is highly flexible and can be integrated with diverse kinds of labeling and printing systems already being used by businesses. Reasons Why […]

Touch Screen POS System | Posiflex- The Best POS System

Billing machines are needed in many places other than departmental stores, shopping malls, shops, and restaurants like in offices, ATMs, taxis, doctor’s offices, and much more! There are several reasons why businesses need billing machines. The most important thing is that they provide receipts. Receipts help decrease chances of fraudulent activity as it helps keep […]

Built To Last. Accept payments with the POS Cash Drawer.

POS Cash Drawer is the core piece in any Point of Sale System. Cash registers are printer or terminal-driven, making a big difference for your store. There are many cash registers to select from, so taking the time to research will aid you in small business POS at checkout time.   Cash drawers play a […]

Posiflex Printer : Print faster, print better.

There are many benefits of using Posiflex thermal printers. Regardless of your business needs, you will find an exceptional printer from our line-up that can fit your exact requirements. For a longer-lasting printout, you may want to get a thermal printer with adhesive backing, which will allow you to stick any documents or images onto […]