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What are the Marketing Basics for Small Businesses?

Marketing can be defined as the activity, set of institutions which include processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that add value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. The Basics of Marketing The marketing comprises of strategies for small businesses that can be used to communicate and persuade the customers. These strategies include paid […]

How does brand building works?

The main task of Brand Building Company in Mumbai is to raise awareness of your business through strategies and campaigns, with the aim of creating a unique and sustainable image in the market. It can be defined as a positive image in addition with standing out = brand success. Below mentioned are the questions which […]

How to choose a Marketing Strategy for any Marketing Campaign?

What is a Marketing Strategy? It can be defined as “a process that allows you to focus your limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase your visibility, revenue and revenue.” A marketing strategy is characterized by a company’s strengths, opportunities and objectives and guides the more specific results of the marketing plan. Part of […]

What are the ways in which marketing can be done better?

Why do people and communities demand higher and higher discounts, price cuts and overwhelming concessions? Why so many marketing campaigns are brand destroyers and losers of money? Why is branding becoming a devalued asset with declining returns? The untruthful truth is that the basic assumptions behind “marketing” haven’t changed for decades. While you can use […]

What are the ways to do Marketing in housing societies?

RWA Activity i.e. Residential Welfare Association Activity relates to activities that are included and conducted in Residential areas like Housing Societies. These are the most effective branding strategies when it comes to Marketing. A small-scale gathering of a society and generate publicity can bring awareness about the specific service or product of a business.  There […]

How can Marketing be done post COVID?

In these current times you spent more time with your loved ones, not because you chose to do it, but because nature forced you to? These are strange times when we think about what might happen and find ways to cope with the new ways of life that have arised from the ongoing global crisis. […]

What are the methods to get Customer Feedback?

It’s no secret that capturing and analyzing customer comments can be very useful to improve your product or service. However, obtaining this feedback can often be a difficult challenge for many organizations. This is because customers are motivated by their own goals and deadlines, so it is not their responsibility to give your company feedback. […]

What are the ways to be better at Marketing?

With the rapid development of the technology, many changes in the marketing scene in short periods of time. Therefore, as you try the tactics you know, you are also in a constant search to learn new things. Otherwise, it will be difficult to stay relevant and achieve your goals. Changes also occur over time in […]

How important is Marketing for a New Company?

Marketing creates a demand in the market for what you produce and then meet that demand quickly. It is the art of acquiring and retaining customers. Marketing is often confused with simple sales, but it’s much more than that. It includes features such as market research, advertising, promotions, public relations, product improvement, customer service and […]

What are the things about Marketing that are not taught in college?

The center of gravity for much of the marketing world has moved online. In a study of more than 1,000 professional services purchasers, it is found that more than 80% of buyers look to a firm’s website to check them out, making websites the most commonly used resource for initial purchasing evaluations. Most businesses recognize […]