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What Are The Different Steps Of Crisis Management?

Crisis management refers to an organisation’s approach to preventing, planning for, and responding to events that threaten to harm persons or property, significantly disrupt operations, damage reputation, or impair the bottom line. If you do not prepare, crises cost you money, diminish productivity, and potentially jeopardise your company’s long-term existence. The three primary stages of […]

What Are The Tips For An Effective Political Campaign Strategy?

Public lobbying and promotion entail more than merely running ads, broadcasting, and giving persuasive election speeches. It also includes a broader topic that focuses on the party’s electoral market positioning. Almost all political parties and leaders engage in some advertising or marketing regularly. It could be about boosting a politician’s popularity, branding a new programme, […]

How To Create A Crisis Communication Plan?

Emergencies would be a lot less stressful if we were informed ahead of time. There would be no need to make any preparations for them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Crises strike at the most inopportune times. You will almost likely fail to avoid disaster if you wait until a crisis happens to begin […]

What Is Campaign Messaging?

A campaign message is the all-inclusive image, description, and philosophy that a political campaign is trying to convey on behalf of a candidate. The strategic application of the candidate’s message using all modes of communication accessible to the campaign is known as campaign messaging. Specific or implied arguments and differences; understandings of the candidate’s values, storey, […]

Significance Of Corporate Affairs In The Finance Industry

A company’s reputation may make or break its bottom line in the age of fast news and citizen journalism. The company’s reputation is the board’s top responsibility, and corporate affairs teams oversee handling a plethora of communications in a meaningful, content-rich manner. Change in corporate communications is critical in the financial services sector. Companies have […]

Public Relations Tips For Effective Crisis Communication

The internet has encompassed our lives to a great extent. Everything we do happens online, whether it is waking up to the alarm or planning the day. As we get so caught up with technology, it becomes the primary source of information. While this is helpful for many, it is a double-edged sword for businesses. […]

How To Use Public Opinion For Crisis Communication Planning?

Every business, small or large, operates in the society. Hence, it is accountable for its actions and subject to diverse public opinions. Whether it is the internal stakeholders like employees, suppliers, and directors or external participants like customers, these opinions shift rapidly when a crisis strikes. The way you manage the aftermath has a significant […]

A Brief Guide About Qualitative Data Analysis

Are you a data nerd who cannot stop looking for patterns? Do you want to learn more about data analysis and how to get a job in this fascinating field? This post is an excellent place to start if you answered yes to these questions. We take a deep dive into the process of qualitative data […]

What Are The Different Stages Of Crisis Management?

Any organisation’s approach for preventing, preparing for, and responding to events that threaten to injure people or property, substantially disrupt operations, or damage reputation. The bottom line is you need a crisis management team. The crisis cost you money, reduce productivity, and easily jeopardises your company’s long-term viability if you are not prepared. Pre-Crisis (preparation […]

Know How Reputation Management Has Evolved

The term ‘reputation’ refers to the process of determining one’s worth. It is the group of people’s beliefs about your company, and it is important because it shapes your company’s identity. Customers, employees, and the market utilise your reputation to assess tangible and intangible attributes like value and trustworthiness. The better your organisation controls perception […]