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Every Indian lady with a bit style sense is conscious that rocking conventional clothes without a pair of fantastic earrings is subsequent to impossible. Just like fashionable bags, pairs of shoes or cosmetics, a girl can in no way have too many traditional earrings. From chandbalis to jhumkas, it’s miles vital to have all of […]

A guide of a bride to wedding tiaras and crowns

Not anything stuns greater than a bridal crown or tiara worn on your wedding ceremony day. Regal and romantic, this headpiece beautifully laces round your wedding hair and frames your face, exuding an ethereal, breath-taking appearance. Alternatively, wedding tiaras have earned their place in the higher echelon of wedding add-ons: all through records, they have […]

Different varieties of Temple jewelry South Indian brides wear after they get married

Temple jewelry, the name itself tells you of its grandeur and splendor. It sticks out among all different sorts of jewelry because of its royal and lustrous appearance. Even as we’ve seen the lovely, sensitive polki, pearl and Kundan jewelry rule the north Indian weddings, the jewelry is worn by South Indian brides are absolutely […]

Tips on wearing silver bracelets and bangles for every occasion

If you certainly one of among that lady who thinks that bangles are nonetheless in the modern trend and style then you are certainly correct. Silver bangles are nonetheless famous among humans as people think that these bangles certainly upload an extra allure on your complete attire. Also, silver kada is very flexible in nature. […]

Tips for Indian brides to select perfect Mangalsutra for themselves

A set of black beads held collectively by using a yellow thread or a gold chain in conjunction with a pendant, a simple mangalsutra holds a unique significance for every married Hindu woman. Symbolizing the union of a man and a lady, it’s far considered to be one of the most valuable ornaments for her. […]

Stylish methods brides can wear a Rani Haar like a real Maharani

Lending the essential traditional whiff and a graceful royal feels to a bride’s look, rani haar is a piece of jewelry that has been a fundamental part of a bride’s trousseau from a longer period. With a wide array of designs & styles to be had, ranging from a Satlada to those with multiple strings […]

Hottest trend of Jewelry: Oxidized Jewelry

The nineteen nineties girls will truly relate to this. Remember the black metal earrings and oxidized jewelry that became worn by way of every heroine with their ethnic garments? That coveted jewelry that made an appearance every Navratri along with those Chanya Cholis and people skirts? Guess what? They are now back with a bang!! […]

The significance of long Mangalsutra

An Indian wedding is all about the rich traditions of the country. Irrespective of the religion, one common ritual takes place all over the country are tying the holy nuptial knot, referred to as the mangalsutra. This ritual has been in existence on the grounds since the 6th century, with the groom tying a yellow […]

Latest Designs of Bangles You Should Know About

No doubt, every woman love bangles and possibly, Indian ladies much of it. They uniquely outline the tradition and the historical past of India. It can be called with the aid of various names as Chudiyan, Kangan, Valla or Valayal. Ladies bangles are an indispensable part of an Indian female’s apparel. These are alternatively conventional […]

The Tools Every Jewellery Maker Wants

Electricians and jewelry makers have something in common at least: they love them a few flat nose pliers. In case you want to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, jewelry and extra, you too will want a pair of flat nose pliers, plus some different wire-wrapping tools as jewellery making materials. But earlier than you drop a […]