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Different ways to wear tassel earrings

2018 had been the year for statement earrings and it’s sure the same is going to continue in 2019 as well. One of our personal favorite from this trend is the tassel earrings. They don’t only look cool but you could also choose from a different variety of colors and styles. If you still haven’t […]

Different ring styles and types

Hand ring isn’t only the accessory or jewelry that can embellish your finger. Along with the monetary value, rings also hold great traditional and sentimental value. It makes this accessory a perfect connotation to symbolize the purity and serenity of love and relationship. The importance of ring is so indispensable in the life of a […]

Rani Haar: Heritage antique piece for the modern day bride

Wedding is a day that gives brides a chance to look like a princess from top to bottom. Nothing can justify the occasion better when she has rani haar sitting eloquent and pretty on her neck. If you think this kind of necklace is heavy bridal jewelry which is meant for our grandmothers, think again. […]

Different types of Indian jewelry that every bride must know about

Indian jewelry is one of the most exquisite ones in the jewelry world – after all, there are only a few cultures all over the world that are as rich and old as ours. So whether talk about the gold jewelry that every Indian bride likes or the Indian traditional jewelry that most of the […]

Jewelry essentials that enhance the beauty of a Maharashtrian bride

Dressed in a mesmerizing saree with a beautiful border on it, hair tied in a bun and decorated with a gajra and ornaments, she is a gorgeous Maharashtrian bride. Unlike other communities in India where brides usually wear red or pink, this traditional Paithani saree comes in colors of leaf green, golden yellow or aubergine. […]

Turn into Diva donning fantastic Churas for your Wedding!

If you are a bride, you will know the importance of Kangan which makes an integral part of the ceremonies. The love for Kangan or Kangan kada is well symbolized through the various songs dedicated to these humble accessories in Bollywood. A wedding is almost lifeless without ladies donning Kangan or kada in different designs. […]

Few things you must know before buying flower jewelry

You might have heard your elders gushing about the diamond and gold jewelry that they wore on their marriages. However, women these days prefer the personal style and statement more over what’s expected from them. You can easily spot the deviation from heavy gold or diamond jewelry and red lehengas while they coolly sport easy […]

How to choose a diamond pendant?

Diamonds are a famous feature of the pendant, but choosing this kind of jewelry is not as simple as it looks like. Pendants can be called as decorative elements which have no special necessities, matching earrings or ring. Moreover, diamond pendant set is simple to choose a present. Let’s take a look at some of […]

Tips for finding the most beautiful diamond

You can make yourself crazy trying to go through all the information about diamonds and how to find the diamond necklace that you are looking for. But most of the times you might not have the time to go through everything or you need a way to remind yourself quickly or everything that you have […]

It’s time for some desi swag with Chandbali earrings

As soon as the wedding season arrives, the requirement for matching jewelry starts coming. Considering this, you might be rushing all over for a matching pair of chandbali. Here are few of them that are must to have in your collection. 1-Embossed Chandbali earrings Get trendy with the colored stone chandbali earrings online with embossed […]